Xbox One Deals with Gold 03/09/2015

4 Guys with Quarters have posted this week's Deals with Gold for Xbox One. Take a look and you may find something interesting. Murdered Soul Suspect had a great story and the Season Pass for Sunset Overdrive is a steal for gold members.

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clownz2767d ago

I can see Tomb Raider being free eventually and same with Ryse. Zombie Army Trilogy is great for the prices with 3 games in one if your achievement hunting. I am surprised though Dragon Age is not cheaper by now.

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WCxAlchemist2767d ago

Dragon Age is 35.99 rite now get it b4 it goes to 53.99

clownz2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

good catch Alchemist, they fixed it to $35.99 I wonder if when they entered it into the sale they transposed the numbers the first time.

gamerfan09092767d ago

I wouldn't buy Ryse yet. It's a ok game with great graphics, but if I had to bet, I'd bet it's going to free next month or the month after. I highly recommend both the season pass and sunset overdrive. It's probably the best thing Insomniac has done in the last decade. It's highly underrated and should've gotten some game of the year votes. Tomb Raider

bleedsoe9mm2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

ryse would be a good freeby for june announced at E3 . good price for TR great game

StrayaKNT2767d ago

Sunset was my goty easily

Inferno2172767d ago

Loved Sunset Overdrive, and the DLC is worth this price easily for anyone on the fence.

nowitzki20042767d ago

Meh. Just a Infamous clone

Sarah_Ch2767d ago

Indeed 👌

@nowitzki2004 it's way better than infamous

Bretlfc2765d ago

@nowitzki2004 a little jealousy in you, i like that

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