RTS fans say women have no part in history

Women have no part in history, according to RTS fans who play Europa Universalis IV. Developer Paradox Interactive has recognised International Women's Day (March 8th) with new DLC for the game, celebrating the role of women in history. Despite the fact the new content is both optional and free, some gamers seem to have some pretty strong opinions on why female characters should be left out of historic RTS.

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PoSTedUP2768d ago

we shall give a **** what douchebags have to say? these are just mad, insolent, introvertedly weak minded people who are mad because they are rejects and probably repulsed by the opposite sex. POS's that try and make others feel bad. dont give them a whole article, dont waste another comment.

Big_Game_Hunters2768d ago

So a select few people who play an RTS of lower popularity are now"RTS fans" used in a general sense.
This means nothing, there are some dumb people on this earth, we don't need an article to tell us that

Neonridr2768d ago

so people like Joan of Arc and Cleopatra should just be omitted from the history books now? :P

what a bunch of morons.

jackwei222768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Even Queen Victoria who is one of the most powerful monarchs in history?

InSpectre2767d ago

Link bait article just for clicks and controversy.