A Case for Super Mario Sunshine HD

It bothers Kevin from The Spirit of Gaming that everyone wants an HD remake for Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2; but what about a Super Mario Sunshine HD remake? Kevin takes a look at why this would be a much better idea.

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SimonSmith3123d ago

I am on your side on this, we need Super Mario Sunshine HD, the game needs more attention. I never owned a GameCube so I was never fortunate enough to play this game.


20 Years Later: The Impeccable World Design of 'Super Mario Sunshine'

Even 20 years later, the incredibly detailed world design of 2002's Super Mario Sunshine still manages to impress.

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Knushwood Butt396d ago

My main memory of this game is the broken, highly frustrating floating pinball stages.

Still, the summery vibe is quite uplifting.

Inverno395d ago

The Pachinko level purposefully pushing you if you try to hover to a red coin was frustrating indeed.

H9395d ago

Playing this game without having the high expectations of being sequel to 64 is actually a blast, I enjoyed it way more than I remember, yes it's the only 3D Mario game that annoys me with some of it's stages but it's actually so much fun overall


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MadLad409d ago (Edited 409d ago )

I still say the series peaked with Galaxy. They've put out good stuff since then, but nothing really matched up.

Movieworld408d ago

Absolutely no way odyssey should be above either galaxy. Laughable


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