5 Consoles We Should All Be Glad Failed

Not all consoles are created equal. Some of them fail even though they were good. Luckily, the ones with unspeakably awful features and ideas fail so hard that no-one attempts to rehash them.

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uth112328d ago

The Jaguar was a decent console for its time. Yeah it was a stretch to call it 64-bit (one of its chips was 64-bit, but it's main CPU was the same 16-bit 68000 CPU that powered the Genesis. It failed because Atari no longer had the marketing muscle to make it a success- didn't get enough developers on-board, etc.

Neonridr2328d ago

that, and a slew of crappy games (minus a few good ones)

Jdoki2328d ago

I quite liked the controller with the weird number pad.

Worked great for selecting weapons in Doom and Aliens versus Predator... Two of the best games on the system.

2328d ago
Heyxyz2328d ago

I don't think we should ever be happy in the failure of others, however I'm somewhat glad the Gizmondo failed. If it was successful I don't even know if I'd still game. Why? Because the Gizmondo's idea was to play nonskipable commercials throughout every day you played. Imagine having commercial breaks in a game you paid $60 for, That's crazy!

bit-crusherrrr2328d ago

The jaguar was worth the price just for tempest 2000.

Yui_Suzumiya2328d ago

I owned the Jaguar and enjoyed several games from it

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