Hardcore Gamer: Top Spin 3 review

Hardcore Gamer writes:

"Two major tennis game franchises have been rivals for an entire console generation. The first is SEGA's veteran Virtua Tennis series, born in the arcades, and matured on the Dreamcast and Xbox 360 consoles (with some ports on the side). Having its roots in the arcades, it's naturally easy to pick up and play, but has an appeal in its not-readily-apparent depth. Anyone can return a volley or a smash with a press of a button, and the in-game engine will usually even help out by making your character perform that extra lunge towards the ball if needed. However, you'll know the people who are really good at the game by their ability to move around the court like greased lightning in an already fast match, return balls from practically the opposite side of the court, and put spin on said balls in ways you only dreamed."

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