ZPlay: Review: Flame Over (PS Vita)

ZOMGPlay's Review of Flame Over for the PS Vita:

"In my eyes Laughing Jackal’s latest PS Vita release, Flame Over, is an anagram for Game Over; It’s a daunting message but unfortunately it’s one you’ll see quite often in this rather obscure, extremely challenging but rewarding title. Does this fear of defeat make Flame Over a bad game, no not at all; it is just a rather frustrating experience from start-to-finish."

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sypher2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Playing this at the moment, quite the excruciatingly difficult game :) I usually have Death chasing me around whilst I put out fires, not for seconds, but for minutes lol.

Going around, losing Death, going back in the room so it gives me a bit of leeway before he catches up with me. The designers definitely made some puzzling game decisions in this one.