Dying Light Review – Good Night, Great Game | Power Up Gaming

Scott Russell writes: "Stepping out into an apocalyptic wasteland is certainly a harrowing and hellish experience. Fallout 3 showed us how dire, and yet how beautiful, those first few steps outside can be, and Dying Light successfully hits on those notes within its opening moments. A hesitant trundle begins your journey into a zombie-filled nightmare, but this slow-paced walk eventually transforms into a full-on hurdle, as the game's speed, along with its fun, increase rapidly as the decaying denizens of Harran are sliced, bashed, fried and dismembered."

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PAWBALL Teams Soccer With Cats in Pixel Ripped Studios' Latest Project

ARVORE the studio behind the Pixel Ripped series has revealed its latest VR project, a soccer game teamed with cats called PAWBALL.

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Nightingale Game to Add Offline Mode After Player Feedback

Inflexion Games announces plans for an offline mode in Nightingale after underestimating player demand for solo play. Read the latest update.

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Final Fantasy XIV Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Final Fantasy XIV Online has finally launched for Xbox Series X|S, so here's some top tips to get new players rolling!