10 Awesome Indie Games from GDC 2015

David Jagneaux of The Koalition writes:
When people think of GDC, they usually think of cutting-edge technology put on display by the industry’s leading companies. Or inspirational and thought-provoking panels from the greatest minds in game development. And while GDC 2015 definitely had all of those things, it’s worth mentioning that the indie development scene is just as active here as it is at any PAX or Indiecade, albeit with an added layer of true dedication and professionalism that you won’t find elsewhere.

Since there were so many great games to see and play this week that were all in various different stages of development, I couldn’t rank them in any particular order. Instead, I’ve just collected 10 of the most awesome games that I played for your eye holes to feast upon. Consider this my “Greatest Hits of Indies at GDC,” or perhaps my “Hey, I Actually Remembered These Games After Playing Them for a Few Minutes” list.

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rbailey2768d ago

Looks like a ton of great PC indie games are definitely in the works. Hopefully most of these also come to both the PS4 and Xbox One too.

Venomousfatman2768d ago

Indies are really making a big impact on everyone since last year

Ctiboi20102768d ago

Good list. I'm just surprised Cuphead didn't make it. From what I've been reading it generated a lot of interest at GDC.

Spotie2768d ago ShowReplies(1)