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Grab It Magazine:

"Transmedia projects are always appealing. The idea of an expanded universe that crosses between games, film, comic books and music is one that developers have been trying to pull off for years. French Developer, Forge Animation, is aiming to employ a powerful team of respected artists from a variety of fields to create an immersive universe with their upcoming game, animated film and graphic novel, Windwalkers.

Although the team's Kicksarter project to fund the game was recently cancelled due to lack of funding, they have promised to relaunch in a few months time."

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Solidbrod2767d ago

The author of the original novel actually made Remember Me and Life is Strange so this one is definitely one to look out for.

shipnabottle2766d ago

These projects always sound so good on paper but if one of the pieces don't pan out then the whole thing gets tarnished and falls flat on its face. I think a better plan would be to make one piece of the puzzle first, and if that turns out really good then add to it in different forms of media to expand the lore and scope. Trying to get all facets off the ground at once seems like a nice pipe dream had late at night chatting amongst friends.