Hands-On With The Creepy, Drug-Fueled We Happy Few


Last week, Contrast developer Compulsion Games announced its new title, We Happy Few. The launch trailer set the tone for an overly cheery, cookie-cutter society that doesn't tolerate deviation.

At the time, it reminded us of BioShock in its stylings. It turns out that We Happy Few is nothing like Irrational's title, and will carve its own, distinctly eerie path.

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Jackhass1851d ago

Well, this looks...interesting.

AudioEppa1851d ago

Oh i can't wait to buy this.

ziggurcat1851d ago

i just hope it's not bug-fuelled like how contrast was...

ninsigma1850d ago

I was really looking forward to that game but I was so disappointed after it :/

This one sounds quite interesting, I'll keep an eye on it.

parentsbasement1851d ago

well that pic has somewhat of a Bioshock look to it , so , im in...

OhMyGandhi1850d ago

color me intrigued. i too hope that it is not as buggy as contrast. but i am loving the concept.