Here’s Why Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Didn’t Come to Wii U

Capcom never actually gave the world a reason why they didn't bring Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate to the Wii U. So after launching the game on 3DS, it was time for a little investigation to try and divine a reason for this omission.

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eyeofcore2767d ago

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD was released about a year after original on PSP. :P

It could happen with MH4U.

PurpHerbison2766d ago

I'm playing MHP3rdHDVer. right now. Having a decent amount of fun with it.

_-EDMIX-_2766d ago

Agreed. Capcom like Square is known to port over titles after some time.

I feel with the cost of Wii U development...even with a port, Nintendo should fund part of it.

Their system is selling poorly, they made it difficult to develop etc, they should flip the bill for such an expensive process.

Mind you..Sony is doing such a thing for the RE Revelations 2 PS Vita port and SSFIV.

PSVita isn't selling want some games, Sony will pay for a port to give such a thing.

I'm sorry but what is Nintendo doing?

They very much can do the same thing, yet they don't seem to be calling Capcom, Square, Ubisoft, EA etc.

Sounds to me like the don't care that badly....

wonderfulmonkeyman2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

The development difficulties are a thing of the past; third parties are just refusing now out of stubborn pride and a desire to cater to their established fanbases, which are a far easier sell, rather than take a risk with a fanbase they've already insulted to the point of having no bridges left for their multiplats to cross on.

Oh, and Nintendo does foot the bill for games.
Bayonetta 2 and Devil's Third come to mind.
But they shouldn't have to do that for every single third party game out there.
Third parties aren't entitled to that, especially Ubisoft, given past performances on the system and the kinds of insults that people from within their own dev studios have sometimes tossed at the playerbase they're supposed to be appealing to.

But, having said all that, I wouldn't complain if Nintendo did foot the bill for a Wii U port of MH4, even if they didn't do anything drastic to the graphics.
Playing it on a larger screen would be welcome.

_-EDMIX-_2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )


have not heard otherwise sooooo

"Oh, and Nintendo does foot the bill for games.
Bayonetta 2"

Um...yes...of a game they are publishing....

I'm sorry but I agree with the developers. No ram, weak specs, hard to work on ie expensive, low sales.

They are right to not work on Wii U...

Its the Wii U bud, you can't just go to war with 96% of all developers in gaming LMFAO! Mind you..Ubisoft was their BIGGEST supporter, Red Steel 1 and 2, Raving Rabbids, Raymans other games, Just Dance etc

They got low got old and expensive. Wii U..they got Zombie U by Ubisoft ,AC games etc.

They don't want to develop on it, I can't blame them.

Wii U didn't get AC Unity JUST like PS3 and XONE didn't...its NOT NEXT GEN!!

So...its expensive to work on, the weakest, sells the least annnnnnd games don't sell on it.

Mind you...I own a 3DS, I don't hate Nintendo, just slow folks.

Just call it as it is. I can't blame developers for NINTENDO'S PROBLEMS!

Yet PS4 is selling and has support, yet XONE is selling had has support...

You sure its just developer hate or laziness bud?

LMFAO! Please..

"I wouldn't complain if Nintendo did foot the bill for a Wii U port of MH4"

Mind you..I wouldn't either, its just that they don't seem interested in seeking 3rd parties as much as just expecting them to bend over to them...

Concertoine2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

MH3U's sales on Wii U were described as a "smash hit" by capcom due to the bundle sales.

But a console version of MH4U just wont sell. Outside of japan we may prefer it on console, but the japanese won't. The only reason MH3U sold well on Wii U was because it was the only version with online. Nintendo should get MH5 on wii u if anything, since it'll actually sell hardware if its exclusive.

Right now Nintendo's partnering with third parties just to get their own games out faster. They should definitely fund at least a few more games and buy some studios. Looking at the GC which saw exclusive entries in big series like Resident evil, MGS, Star Wars, and new IP's like Eternal Darkness and Geist, i'm not sure where that spirit went.

wonderfulmonkeyman2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Need for Speed's developers got a port of their game running with quite literally a flick of a switch.
And that was back in the beginning of it's life span.
When it actually WAS hard.

Developers are actually used to it now, because the dev kits got a lot better.

And those that have worked on it and produced good games, have gotten critical acclaim for it regardless of sales.

And yeah, Bayonetta 2.
You know, the game no one else wanted to fund at all?
Nintendo stepped up and saved it.

Also, don't even try to support Ubisoft here.
Especially after Ubisoft devs have posted comments like "they don't buy mature games" and "If you really want it, you'll wait a year".
99% of their games were casual games and rehashes that few outside of their most die-hard fans actually wanted.
The other 1% were games like Rayman, which they broke their exclusivity deal on and delayed which entirely killed higher sales potential, or Zombi U, which was a port of a PS360 game that used to be about aliens but never made it past that, and thus wasn't really an original game made for the Wii U at all, or Watch Dogs, which lacks its best DLC and came out a year late.
And after all of that, they had the gall to blame Nintendo fans for not supporting them, when they barely did anything of note.
Their best attempt was Child of Light.
That's freaking SAD.
Again, don't even try defending Ubi-shit.
You've got no case when you try.

And yeah, it IS developer laziness.
3/4ths of all multiplats that hit the system, COULD have gotten at least half-way decent sales on the Wii U if they had been done right.

They did not, because 99% were done horribly wrong[ missing DLC, cut modes, late ports, broken support promises, and all the financial excuses in the book to cover their sorry asses], and the remaining 1% that were actually done right were affected by the loss of trust and the failure of third parties to advertise the games.
Had third parties tried using tons of brand new titles, instead of attempting to piggy-back off ports they KNEW WOULD NOT SELL because THEY DIDN'T GAIN THEIR INSTALL BASE ON NINTENDO SYSTEMS WITH THEIR GAMES BEFORE THEN, then maybe they would have GOTTEN better sales.

But they did not take the appropriate risk.
They took the safe route thinking they'd gain just as many casuals and sheep buying it as they did on the Wii, and when they flopped spectacularly at selling decent numbers, they ran while tossing excuses behind them like caltrops.

Third parties need to wipe their own asses.
Nintendo is not the one responsible for making Nintendo gamers want third party games.
Only third parties can make Nintendo gamers, let alone any other gamers, want a Wii U for third party games.

And by the way?
Specs aren't an excuse when they are still willing to make games, like Destiny, for last gen yet skip on the Wii U, which is practically bereft of decent shooters and is ripe for gaining interest with the right titles.
On top of that, it's proven itself capable of great-looking visuals so long as realism isn't the main focus of them, with games like Xenoblade X and Bay 2 amongst others.

Point blank: Developers can, and should, be developing new games for the Wii U.
All it would take is the right kind of game to hook core gamers onto it, and the rest would be history.
But they're not doing it because their own ports failed, as they deserved to, and that's a very stupid reason to run home with their tails between their legs.

superchiller2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )


Don't bother trying to reason with wonderfulmonkeyman on any issue relating to the Wii U. He's one of the biggest apologists for the system on this site, makes excuses for every bungled product and bad decision from Nintendo. He always points fingers at everyone else but Nintendo, and simply refuses to admit that they have ever made a mistake in their existence.

The vast majority of the public knows that the Wii U is a substandard product, lacking in even the most basic features, and severely gimped in terms of specs. That is of course the reason that no 3rd party games are coming to the Wii U, it simply isn't able to even remotely match the current gen consoles. Wii U is really just a last gen console, released 6 years after that gen launched. It follows the trend for Nintendo, of always being one generation behind on their consoles (since the Wii).

Nintendo thinks that they can still get away with releasing a very weak base console, throwing in a gimmick, and raking in profits from suckers who don't realize how little the product offers. Sadly for Nintendo, that formula no longer works, and they have only themselves to blame for this poor product.

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Tex1172766d ago

This is my first Monster Hunter and I freakin' love it.

I know Im dreaming here, but I would LOVE to see Capcom make one of these for the Ps4/Xbox One. Or whatever. It would be, woah epic.

Mega242766d ago

I would love that too, but I would love Monster Hunter Online west release even more!

paul-p19882766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

It used to be Playstation exclusive up until Monster Hunter 3 (it started on PS2, then moved to PSP with a PSP remake on the PS3 of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd), but Crapcom heard Nintendo open their wallet and just up-and-left...

Money talks more than your fanbase apparently...

GordonKnight2766d ago

Just like Final Fantasy went to Sony!!!

pivotplease2766d ago

All this speculation. Capcom officially said they didn't need a Wii u version because of the 3ds having it's own online. In reality they have been extremely cheap about this series since the beginning. The graphics have barely improved across iterations and they have recycled massive amounts of content throughout the franchise. By not producing a Wii u version they were able to use the same graphics engine (saving money) and did not have to develop a more expensive high def version for a system with a relatively low user base(saving money again). To an extent capcom has always been lazy about this series, but they are also just straight up cheap.

This is also the reason they never opted to make a proper PS3 monster hunter and the reason we won't see one on ps4 either.

Master-H2766d ago

Unless Sony pays them big stacks to bring it to the Vita/Ps4 after their exclusivity deal with Nintendo expires.

pivotplease2766d ago

I wonder when the deal ends... Going multiplatform would be great for the franchise.

wonderfulmonkeyman2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

If Nintendo and Capcom are smart, they'll continue that exclusivity deal.
Out of all the systems currently, Nintendo needs the game most, and considering all the other third parties on the other systems, that would have games that would probably draw attention away from the MH series, that Capcom would have to contend with for sales, they're probably better off sticking with Nintendo for the time being anyways.

Especially if the majority opinion of the series outside of those that play it has become as negative as it seems...

At this point, MH's "proper" home is with Nintendo.

MSBAUSTX2766d ago

Yeah but the Wii U version sold really well as well as the 3ds version. Surely they would have either doubled their profit or at least made a substantially more.

pivotplease2766d ago

That's what I would assume but they would be obligated to dramatically improve the graphics for the Wii u version I would think. Could cost a lot or maybe they are in the process of making a new engine?

obmas2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

100% truth. fanboys gonna hate and buy the same rehashed garbage

there is no incentive for them to make a next gen monster hunter and spend all that extra dev costs. the MH sheeps will buy the game no matter how much capcom recycles. It's actually smart business. blame the fans that keeping buying every single interation.

wonderfulmonkeyman2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Oh please.
You act like having it with advanced graphics on a different system would make the game oh-so-different and better.
The mechanics wouldn't drastically change just due to the system.
You'd still be playing MH the same way as you have on past systems, with new monsters and gears.
You just sound like you're salty that it isn't on a different system.

_-EDMIX-_2766d ago

" By not producing a Wii u version they were able to use the same graphics engine (saving money) and did not have to develop a more expensive high def version for a system "


Who said they need to make a new engine? They merely could just rough port it and call it a day.

I'm doubtful it would be that expensive.

'This is also the reason they never opted to make a proper PS3 monster hunter and the reason we won't see one on ps4 either."

We got a PS3, PS Vita etc Monster Hunter.

PS4 very much can get one as PS3, PSP and PS Vita got the series....

And Sony could just pay for the port if fans want it bad enough..

Nothing is stopping them from doing this.

Sony is funding those ports, funding Street Fighter IV, part of Sony Japan is helping with the networking for Deep Down.

....Monster Hunter will more then likely get a PS4 version regardless if its a port or from the ground up.

20 million reasons to...

mind you...they don't have the money to just keep games on just one system.

GordonKnight2766d ago

You act like Monster Hunter is a mainstream game. IMO if MH4 was released on PS4, X1, & Wii U. The Wii U version would sale more then PS4/X1 combine. That's where the fans of the game reside. It's just like COD. When I saw that it was coming to the Wii U. I knew it would fail due to all the fans being on 360 or PS3.

thehobbyist2766d ago

Monster Hunter Online begs to differ. It's on Cry Engine, which is one of the most difficult engines to program for. Features high end graphics and from what's currently out. There's plenty of content.

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MSBAUSTX2766d ago

I can tell you right now capcom has lost a customer with me because I am not buying a New 3DS for a while because I just got a PS Vita and had a 3DS but in order to make the games look their best I would play them in 3D and the regular 3D on 3D XL is terrible and gives me a headache. The 3D and new stick and buttoms are amazing and the new 3DS is a really good portable system.

But im not dropping 200 bucks on it right now to get the best experience in MH4 and play a rerelease of Xeboblade Chronicles, a game I have already played. So if it isnt coming to wii U I am not buying it. Played probably 500 Hours or more of MH3U amd they screwed up not releasing this on both the way they did with 3U.

I bought both copies before so i could take my character with me. Not now. I will save my money for Splatoon, Xeno X, and FF Type 0 HD. I believe that will ke me busy enough.