NGB | Zombie Army Trilogy Review

NGB Wrote: "So, it’s good that Zombie Army Trilogy works well where it really should, in spite of faltering in a few other areas – namely the longevity. The combo system and additional Horde mode add a little something along side the thin story campaign, but there’s only a certain amount of replay value to be found once you’ve really had a good blast through with friends; perhaps even less if you’ve opted to play it alone. The only saving grace the game has in this respect is that never ending craving for undead headshots that plagues the gaming world, and in fairness that’s something Zombie Army Trilogy will always have in its back pocket. For the pick up and play approach ie. log in, shoot some faces, log out, then it may be a perfect go to title for many – even more so if you enjoy a co-op experience because in that respect, it excels."

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