PC World Reviews iPhone 3G: Great for New Buyers, but Upgraders Beware

PC World writes: "Innovative design and seamless integration between software and hardware propelled the first-generation iPhone to instant stardom. Its successor, the iPhone 3G, at once expands upon that innovation--and delivers it at half the entry price of its predecessor. The result is a classy device whose abilities continue to make it a strong choice for smartphone shoppers who value form that supports function--but less of a must-have upgrade than you might think.

Up front, Apple largely delivers on its promises. iPhone 2.0 software supports, among other things, the newly launched and eagerly awaited iPhone App Store. (Owners of first-generation iPhone can download the software for free.) A faster wireless radio loads Web pages up to three times faster. An appealing lower price makes the iPhone more accessible to an audience beyond early adopters and gadget hounds ($299 for the 16GB version in either white or black or $199 for the 8GB version--that's one-third the price of the original 4GB iPhone that shipped a year ago)."

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jmiscavish3967d ago

They decreased the price of the iphone, but increased the price of the REQUIRED data and voice services so you actually end up paying MORE over the life of your contract.

More shady tactics from Apple...

FantasyStar3967d ago

Don't forget that you can't take home the iphone without activating in-store first. So if you're planning to jailbreak it. You gotta sign up for the 2 year contract, then cancel it and pay the fees. It's totally not worth it. Also if you try and skip on the contact part, AT&T will charge you the full value of the phone which is around $500.

Kaneda3967d ago

"More shady tactics from Apple..."
I think the raqte plan is AT&T and not Apple... and I know Apple got a share of it. But hey, you have a choice to buy a iphone without dataplan. Just put in 500 bucks. And go with any carrier you want...

resistance1003967d ago

Thats because of AT&T not Apple, for example 02 in the Uk offer the iphone on a simalar contract to the old one

Pain3967d ago

but not he data plan from Rogers.....