Check Out the Legendary #00001 PS4 20th Anniversary and Much More in Sony’s Fantastic Tokyo Showroom

If you're into games and tech, there are many interesting places to visit in Tokyo, that could easily be defined the world capital of all things geek.

One of such locations is the Sony Building in Ginza, where the house of PlayStation has its main showroom, which is actually made of four full floors of Sony goodness.

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S2Killinit2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

this thing could go for thousands of dollars in an auction.

MasterCornholio2767d ago

It will sell for more than 9000$ that's for sure.

MasterCornholio2767d ago

Beats El Museo del Prado easily.


Dasteru2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Yet again i'll say it. If it isn't released in NA, then it is an irrelevant pos that nobody gives a crap about. All these limited edition Sony products do is annoy me. Either release it in NA or fack off and do not advertise it at all.

italiangamer2767d ago

Egocentric much? So if it's released in the big fat 'Murica than everything is fine, but if not it doesn't deserve to be advertised and showed? Damn, I hope you are 12 years old but if you aren't, the best thing to do would be to chill the fAck down.

Abriael2767d ago

Because NA is the only continent in the world right?

Of course this has been released in NA, so you're not making a lick of sense anyway.

Dasteru2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Nothing egocentric about it. Just realistic. It is nothing but a tease constantly showing off all these limited/special editions and then not releasing it in their primary market. Japan accounts for less than 5% of the world wide sales of PS4 consoles (by the end of most gens, it is less than 1%). NA accounts for nearly half. This is at the very least a tease and at worst, a taunt. It is basically saying "hey, look what we made! too bad you cannot have it." to 95% of their user base. Btw, i'm Canadian.

Muzikguy2767d ago

I love in 'Murica and hate comments like these. We aren't sh!t in the grand scheme of things. This country sucks more and more each day because of all the things that once made it great have been abandoned. I like that things like this get released elsewhere. Americans are too greedy anymore. If it was released here people would be complaining about the price. It's never ending

LexHazard792767d ago

I don't know guys. It might have been released here already. Theres someone selling one for $1200 or best offer on Boston Craigslist.

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RoseSapphire2767d ago

It's no better than mine. My system is #7298.