IBM Unveils Cell Roadmap.

During a recent event IBM has unveiled a few details on Cell roadmap.As you can see Cell will be manufactured at 65nm during next year and a next gen version of the chip is expected around 2010 featuring 2PPE and 32 SPEs (45nm manufacturing technology).

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shikwan4339d ago

Yup, don't get the PS3! Just wait for the PS4 for $800!!!!!

Master of Menace4339d ago

That's just like saying why get an XBOX 360, when they'll have the XBOX 720 out in four years.

shikwan4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

No...the xbox is a whole lot less in price AND this is December....2010 is basically 3 years away. $400 for four years is pretty reasonable. $600+ for a 'future-proof', 'super-computer'...?? HA!

DeathNote14339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

the ps3's price is justified. a lot of people, like me, want online support, hard drives, and a new media format player in their console. the 360 and the ps3 wind up being the same price, as 360 can slowly become more of an investment. if a large portion of people didn't buy addons, then they wouldn't waste their time if it wasn't meant to be bought. so don't hold your breath.. cause you will die. & no one's going to skip the ps3 or 360 generation. oh, and a next gen cell + a moster gfx with dx10 or 11 support. a beast.

DJ4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

The Cell Broadband Engine was completed around 2004/2005(compiler stuff changed), so if the next-gen Cell is released in 2010 it's not going to force the PS4 to release early. If anything, PS3 development is directly improving future PS4 development.

The "Sony will release PS4 in four years" statement was just spread by people who don't understand the irony of their own words. Sony supports their customers over ten-year periods; Microsoft ditched their customers after only four years.

It looks like all future Cell chips will be compatible with the original, and simply add new features and performance enhancements. It would help everyone involved, from game developers to normal software engineers who have only started to learn the ins and outs of this new chip design.

Scrumptious4339d ago

for the final nail in Sony's coffin.