The Old Blood Is Exactly What We Need

Pixel Gate UK takes a quick look at why The Old Blood is worth getting excited over:

''One of last years best games just got a follow up, and it’s not even going to cost you much. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood has been announced, and oh my days is it what we needed. Balls out, no nonsense, sheer video game joy, it’s exactly what The Old Blood is bringing to the table. Releasing as a standalone experience, The New Blood looks set to bring the fun pack to first person shooter, much like it’s predecessor.''

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GamerEuphoria2768d ago

For the price you can't go wrong. The New Order was brilliant, can't wait for old blood

getrektedmate2768d ago

Wait is there going to be two parts? I mean like two games?

PixelGateUk2768d ago

Nope, old Blood is a prequel to New Order

WizzroSupreme2768d ago

Wolfenstein: The New Order was exactly the game that the shooter market needed and if Old Blood's anywhere as good, than that's just nifty.

PixelGateUk2768d ago

I genuinely can't wait for it. The fact they're going for that classic 50/60's B-movie cheese just makes it all the better


Similar to Infamous: First Light, I love these high-quality, downloadable prequels. They come out way sooner than a full on game and match the quality of the initial title.

daBUSHwhaka2768d ago

This just came from nowhere.Can't wait.

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