EA Sports Add "Price Ranges" to FIFA 15, Players Outraged Causing #RIPFUT To Trend

EA announced a new policy for all items on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team which has caused fans to send their disaproval tweets to EA Sports Twitter account, and also caused #RIPFUT to trend with many fans threatening to buy Pro Evolution Soccer games from now on.

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nickster2759d ago

There is a reason why EA what voted the worst company in America. Not surprised by this.

UKmilitia2758d ago

the people angry are the people who buy coins and coin farm??
i havent loaded the game up but if it works it works.
its just a shame its a little too late and should be done at launch.
also EA needs to revise there fifa points and rewards for winning games etc because currently its impossible to get a decent team through normal play.

people must not buy fifa points to stop it but people will.

anticlimax2758d ago

I think you and I have different definitions of 'decent team'.

It's perfectly possible to build an under 10k, under 20k or under 30k team that (in real life) would easily hold their own in the Barclays PL.

Aside from the in-form players, the general rule is: if Tottenham Hotspurs could buy them, they are cheap enough.

Transporter472758d ago

I have a very decent team without buying coins. I have never supported coins nor EA fifa points. I hope they do this next fifa so the players do not get inflated ridiculously because how did people get millions when the game was barely out. It boggled my mind, but of course it was those damn coin sellers. I am happy they are out of business though :D

-Lawless-2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I don't know why people let EA dictate what happens in the video game industry so well. They simply don't have the consumers best interest in mind...ever...PERIOD.

Just look at what they did with Battlefield Hardline and that ridiculous premium season pass whatchamacallit thing they implemented with gamestop. There where people already ragging on Hardline enough as is saying it shouldn't be treated like a full retail game, and what does EA do, try to milk you even for 40 more bucks for the Hardline Premium, making anyone who just so happen to buy the game like an average joe feel like a second rate citizen in Battlefield Land before they even release the full game.

RIP SW BattleFront.

Don't even get me started on this issue with Fifa. It only proves that when you give them a inch they'll take a mile and honestly the consumer needs to put EA in it's place by making an example out of them instead of blindly supporting every new practice they put in place and treating it like it's the holy grail for gaming.

Nothing will ever change though people will complain and continue to support, it's why they get away with so much bs in the industry now.

Palitera2758d ago


Because people don't have to "LET" EA do anything. These hardcore fans "threat" to buy PES from now on pretty much sum up gamers' condition today:

Everyone knows that they will buy all subsequent Fifas.

And that's how we feed EA-like companies. :)

Avernus2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I don't understand the outrage. I still see mediocre players that can be sold for 5-6 million coins, making buying coins as easy as it was. Look up Gary Medel, I think I saw his max at 2 million.

They limit the cost for a couple players, for example in form Guarin I think the limit is 150k. It was being sold for around 250k before the update, so with some players it makes them more affordable, but other like Ronaldo / Messi are still in the millions that normal people won't ever get.

The rewards for playing matches are abysmal. 400-600 coins per game, win or seriously? Gold packs cost what, 5000-7500 coins? So you have to play about 10 games to buy 1 gold pack, with some really crappy RNG, or save up to buy the player you want which could take you a LONG time, UNLESS you buy FIFA points, or just buy coins, eitherway, the normal person is screwed.

My total coins earned starting from nothing, to now, is just over 500k, and I've played allot. Even if I spent no coins, I still won't be able to afford people like Aguero, and forget in form players, that's a dream. No chance in hell for a normal player that plays the game to earn millions of coins...maybe if he lives 24/7 on the transfer market.

iistuii2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I agree. I have a nice gold team, but as a founder member & of all the years of playing, not buying coins, just opening the pack I've NEVER had anybody like Messi/Iniesta. And to buy them would take someone like me a year of saving my coins & even then i doubt id have enough.But EA wont stop the coins as kids are so impatient nowadays & they make an absolute fortune out of those coins... But isn't it nice when you face some kid with all those stars & you beat them with your average gold team, I can see them sitting there crying with their mums credit card about to buy more packs.

UKmilitia2758d ago

i ended up watching a million coin pack opening a while back and he ended up with about 14 million worth of players,inform,team of year etc.

i have a decent team and you can build a good bpl team for under 20k now but i thought i would buy a million coins to see what i got bnecause im sure the pack opening pages on youtube are fixed.

either way i started to open packs on the day the team of week or something was released.

i ended up totally out of pocket and about 150k worth of players by time i had sold everything off.

i still think pack openings are fixed because i have seen them get inform after inform.

EA have screwed up there system and if the packs gave better players people wouldnt have ot look elsewhere to gain a boost.

i got kvist 7 packs in a row so it cant be random as such.
also people claim they get better packs with fifa points over coins and that shouldnt be true.

Screw you EA because your own plans to screw people have backfired.

dark-kyon2758d ago

Lol at people threatening with buy a better game if EA don't do something.

TWB2758d ago

Yeah, I dont even know about sports games but that part sounded funny.

pompombrum2758d ago

Lol FUT players have it so good.. go try being a clubs player or someone who enjoys youth development in career mode.. we've been shafted for years now by EA. It's okay though for the FUTers, if EA sense they will lose $$$ from this change, they'll be on it in a flash.