Share Play is the PS4’s Best Feature and Nobody is Talking About It

Why is Sony not promoting its most innovative feature?

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It is not the ps4's best feature. The games and controller are.

mikeslemonade2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

^That would be software and hardware. The controller is not the best.

I agree with the story that Share Play is the best feature no one is talking about. Even though I'm against game streaming I'm for this feature because they allow me to seamlessly play a game for free and also play multiplayer without commuting to somebody's house to play it.

paranoid19712758d ago

The controller is the best. See what i did there? Opinions are great.

DeadManMMX2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

That controller can't be anywhere near the best until it gets a better battery and a better build quality. Those are basic requirements of a controller and should always be taken into account. Does it feel and play awesome? Yes. It is still deeply flawed until they fix those two things. It's ridiculous how people just pretend its not an issue. I get focusing on the positives but that battery runs out WAY to fast. The XB1/360/PS3 controllers could do anywhere from 18-22 hours. The Wii U Pro controller has like a 40 hour battery life. To be a hardware company and put that much time into making a controller with so much potential and yet mess up on such a basic thing. It truly boggles my mind. Also my launch backup DS4 controllers R2, O and X buttons shouldn't have locked up like a poorly made 3rd party one.

pivotplease2758d ago

The build quality is solid now. It was just the initial batches had that defect. The battery life is definitely a problem though. Considering the Wii u pro controller advertises 80 hours and is a lot lighter too. But its rumble is terrible and there's no lightbar or speaker I guess.

badz1492758d ago

Share Play? pfft...that's so 2014! it's all about screenshots now!


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Blaze9292758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

"Why is Sony not promoting its most innovative feature?"

From the outside, it seems 1080p/60FPS is its most "innovative feature." - thats all they been promoting.

OldDude2758d ago

They don't tout 1080p/60 as a feature as very few games have hit 60fps.

OB1Biker2758d ago

I saw a few commercials about share play. Sony is definitely promoting it

Ozmoses2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

while certain aspects of the Dualshock 4 are great...

the problems with it cannot be ignored.. (The DS4 is the PS4's Achilles Heel - GameInformer)

a better quality DS4 needs to be made.

Neo_Zeed2758d ago

It's not a problem with the design or build of the DS4. It has a lower capacity battery. Presumably to save on cost. You can swap in a DS3 battery to solve the issue.

Ozmoses2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

the analog rubber wears off, the battery life is horrible, the bumpers stick badly, and the L2/R2 triggers break frequently..

the controller has plenty of issues... read the damn link I provided... I also speak from personal experience..

In terms of quality... the plastic/rubber is cheap and wears out quite quickly.

In terms of design and function the controller works flawlessly.

Fro_xoxo2758d ago

That is the only turn-off for me on the PS4.

I played and finished Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4.

It was a painful experience using the Dual-shock 4.

// I don't like the resistance on the triggers and sticks. Battery-life is poor too.

Still a functional controller nonetheless, just not my favorite.

johndoe112112758d ago


" played and finished Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4. It was a painful experience using the Dual-shock 4"

Was it possible to make a more over exaggerated trolling comment?

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KyRo2757d ago

I know a lot of people don't like having a load of tiles/icons on the PS4 but I generally think share pay having its own tile like 'live from playstation' and 'what's new' would push share play to a larger audience. Believe it or not people didn't even know you get free PS games every month with Plus so I doubt they have no idea share play even exists.

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slinky1234562758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I always thought this was the feature that is truly "NEXT GEN". If not the only feature that is so. I have been thinking the same as to why they do not advertise it so much more.

The only issue is you do need fairly good internet connection. I tried with my brother, I had 14mps he had like 7mps both wired and it lagged too much and disconnected too much. I think mine was fine but his was the issue. But that's not a fault of the playshare service I would say.

NeoGamer2322758d ago

I agree that shareplay is great...

But, if I build a luxurious vehicle that is 20 feet wide and therefore can't be driven on most roads, does that make it the vehicle's fault or the road? Point is, the Internet is what it is... That was well known by Sony prior to introducing the feature. So, when you design something that the Internet doesn't handle well, I don't think the Internet is to blame.

ninsigma2758d ago

I get what you're saying but I disagree because the quality of internet should miles ahead of where it is. It just became stagnant for so long. Lazy ISPs not bothering to continuously upgrade their stuff yet still charging stupid amounts of money. In a technological age, it's quite ridiculous that the internet quality is really holding us back.

Bathyj2758d ago

Well if flying cars suddenly become available infrastructure will have to change to accommodate it. Share play works. It needs good internet to do that. Perhaps the experience should be downgraded to a 540p picture to work on bad internet. But it is what it is. Its just not for everyone.

Aloy-Boyfriend2758d ago

I have a fast internet and Shareplay Works, I've shareplayed some games with my friends

Looks like you have a crappy Internet. I blame you!

NeoGamer2322757d ago

Actually, I have a 50 Mbps connection and SharePlay works just fine for me. But, I know that most of my friends don't have near as good a connection and find SharePlay useless because of it.

Personally, like I said in my original post I think it is a great feature. I just don't get the logic of someone saying its not SharePlay's fault that the internet is slow for most users, when the Internet has always been there.

I agree that ISPs can do more to improve performance. But, they have a right to make a profit as well, so I am just not sure how much infrastructure they can always be changing to improve performance. Improving infrastructure is based on things like whether the current infrastructure has paid for itself, and the loans ISPs required to get that infrastructure in place. It is not an exercise of "just flip a few routers". It often requires upgrading wiring, digging up roads, and getting approvals from many other utility companies like other telcos and pipelines. Constantly iterating infrastructure is not cheap enough for them to change it every year or two... Infrastructure often takes 10 years of subscribers to pay for it.

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gokuking2758d ago

Because many games don't support it.

They only acknowledge Remote Play for the 5 minutes they pretend to care about Vita, and bringing your games on the go is a far bigger selling point than allowing friends to join in a game they don't own.

SoapShoes2758d ago

Most games support it just for your information...

LightDiego2758d ago

Just check his comments, he trolls everything related to PS4.

yezz2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I'd say that about 90% of games support share play at least to some extent. So you just have no idea...

knifefight2758d ago

Really? Seems like most games support Share Play, off the top of my head.

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They really need to get it supported by more games. The options with Far Cry 4 were a great start and more options like that are needed to get the feature to catch on.

SoapShoes2758d ago

Far Cry 4 actually sucked compared to most games. Only 10 keys and after that it didn't work. 98% of all games let you do it as many times as you want.

LifeInNZ2758d ago

Share Play is not something I actually use. I prefer to just tune in to Twitch or YouTube to watch gameplay streams and join in the discussions. I would love to see some stats as to how often its used by the PS4 userbase. Although, I do wish Sony would allow the full Twitch service and not just PS4 streams via the Gamesroom.

GameDev12758d ago

Errrr am pretty sure you dont know what shareplay is cause it is not about watching streams, infact far better

You can basically play a game you dont even own, demo most games out on PS4 before deciding to buy it (considering the heavy lack of demo these days)

Great next gen feature, was able to shareplay Driveclub with someone I didnt personally know in another country, just amazing

LifeInNZ2758d ago

Wow, really, share play means I can play a game I dont own by streaming it from someone else's console. Wow, I never knew that /s

Why is it if you dont like a feature that someone always has to assume you dont know what the feature is really about?

I know what share play is all about and it does not interest me in the slightest. For me I like to sit back and watch game streams with my kids, just like I enjoy sitting back and watching live sports. Dont need to be actually playing a game to Know if I'd like it or not.

yezz2758d ago


I can understand if it's not everyone's cup of tea but you can't deny that it's a good feature.

I can help my friends with missions, they can allow me to play their games or I can just watch them play for fun while we talk about this and that. What's not to like..

GameDev12758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )


So you are saying you would rather watch twitch streams to watch other gamers play than you use shareplay to play games for free and demoing ones you arent show about??

That doesnt even make sense, you can watch twitch streams on your pc, shareplay and watching streams are not even on the same level of usage as they arent even alternatives to one another

I am not trying to convince you to use shareplay if you dont want but your statement does not make a whole load of sense

Thatguy-3102758d ago

So you rather watch a game than play it? Lol okay. Think the reason it hasn't blown up yet is because of Internet speeds. I've tried doing it with a few friends and their Internet isn't good enough which is a bummer because honestly it's one of the best "next gen" features.

LifeInNZ2758d ago

Yes, i enjoy watching game streams. Given that Twitch is so popular I'm guessing I'm not alone on this. I especially enjoy watching game streams where the people playing have a lot more skill than I do, its why I also watch live sports.

I still buy games to play I just dont need to play them first before buying.

You know, just because Sony releases a feature for the PS4 it does not mean I have to use or like it.

MysticStrummer2758d ago

"Why is it if you dont like a feature that someone always has to assume you dont know what the feature is really about?"

That usually happens when your reasoning for not liking the feature implies that you don't know what the feature is really about, as your comment above clearly does.

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