Solid Snake Is In Metal Gear Solid 5 According To PlayStation And Amazon

The plot thickens.

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DarkOcelet2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

“Combining open-world action with a new breed of stealth, take on the rough terrain of Afghanistan and tactical espionage with Solid Snake and a whole host of new characters,”

There is no way in hell this is true. If it really is then MIND BLOWN!

Imagine if all this was a VR training or some other trolling by Kojima. I can see this happening.

I still think that at the end of Phantom Pain, Solid Snake will come back and destroy the Motherbase we build.

The End of Peace Walker was a huge twist i didn't see coming, i expect the same here.

gameseveryday2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

I am pretty sure, it will be the reverse. Solid Snake is the final boss battle, which you are bound to lose.

DarkOcelet2762d ago

I dont think we will fight Solid Snake, i believe we will assume the role of Solid Snake against the Big Boss where he will kick his @ss.

christian hour2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )


That's been my secret hope. Mainly because I'm still in denial with accepting Hayters departure... The game would be perfect if it went full circle and had you play the last moments of the game (like a post credits "hey im samuel L jackson" scene) as Solid Snake infiltrating outerheaven. I would lose my marbles.

@foxtrot below

That's how I'm seeing this as well, just a simple mixup on their end, I know some friends who still call him solid snake even when playing mgs3 etc.

assdan2762d ago

I'm feeling the same thing will happen, and solid snake will be voiced by David hayter.

blackbeld2762d ago

I buy it no matter what. So this is only more welcoming for me......!!!

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RedDeadLB2762d ago

My guess is they confused Big Boss with Solid Snake. Marketing people don't know much about games.

SmielmaN2762d ago

Could be

Just a FYI: I just preordered the PS4 limited edition MGS Phantom Pain with snakes robot arm on (for my fellow Canadian gamers). So pumped I got one!

WitWolfy2762d ago

Even though according to iMDB David Hayter is indeed voicing "David" aka "Solid Snake" I agree this is just a typo from a dude who didnt do his research.

solid_snake36562762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

Why was this so hard for you guys to figure out? The game takes place during the Zanzibar island era, where SS beat the hell out of BB. I'm guessing this game will play like mgs2, where you will have two main characters. It would have been awkward to have David Hayter do voice acting for both SS and BB, that's why they went with Keifer Sutherland to voice BB. Even in MGS4 they had someone else voice BB.

Spore_7772762d ago

Then why not just say that in the first place? We got official word of lack of Hayter's involvement.
And why did the Japanese VA retain his role then?

_-EDMIX-_2762d ago

Its not that its not true, merely that its a type'o. Solid Snake is in MGSV as he is technically already born along with Liquid and Solidus.

They are staying this as in Solid Snake is the main character....they are mistaken. Big Boss is the characther. Its easy to get confused from such a thing as I never felt it made sense in MGS3 to use Hayter's voice as Big Boss isn't solid snake....a clone yes, but that doesn't have anything to do with voices.

Voices and dialect have more to do with where someone is raised not what genes they carry, ie why Liquid sounds British..

MGS4 fixes this and MGSV does too by having Big Boss voiced by someone else as he should have always been.

Big Boss is not Solid Snake, and its clear many get that confused who don't know the series very well.

I can very much see how Amazon made this mistake.

That being said, I feel he is in the game as his clone is born in that era.

Moe-Gunz2762d ago

I'm with you 100%. It never made sense to have David Hayter voice BB. People are saying because he is a clone he sounds like him. If so Solidus should have been voiced by Hayter since he's a perfect clone.

Solid will make an appearance.

Tdmd2762d ago

Damn, I've played every mgs game except the ones for psp, and still, every now and then, I get the feeling I know nothing of it's main plot. It can get so confusing! I think I'll have to look for some video summarazing the whole franchise before getting MGSV.

Spore_7772762d ago

I'd play through all the canon titles first. Afterwards, look at some vids and analyses and stuff. September's still a long way off.

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-Foxtrot2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

I feel like they might of just got confused and accidentally put Solid Snake down instead of Big Boss or Naked Snake.

However if they pulled off a MGS2 where you play Big Boss for the first Act of the game and then finish the rest with Solid Snake then I'll be impressed. By that I mean they've made out Big Boss and Ocelot are our main protagonists but really they are the villains we'll be going up against.

Imagine near the end of the game it basically turns into a remake of Metal Gear. It's possible it could jump 11 years.

DarkOcelet2762d ago

I have a firm belief that the game might end with Snake saying "Kept You Waiting, huh"

FullmetalRoyale2762d ago

That would be so weak for Kojima to repeat himself like that though. I'm all of Solid Snake showing up, don't get me wrong.

ArchangelMike2762d ago

I won't put anything past Kojima, he is king of the trolls :)

But my first instict says it's just a typo from uninformed marketing admins.

The_Sage2762d ago

And.... David Hayter returns to voice Solid Snake. Kept you waiting huh?

WizzroSupreme2762d ago

No way, this is Big Boss's game, pure and simple. Solid Snake had 4 as his exit. MGS V needs to be the Big Boss game we've been promised.

Grave2762d ago

I'm just going to assume it's a typo.

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