It's time developers finally left 'last-gen' behind

Dealspwn: "Last week we learned that the upcoming Mad Max game has had its last-gen platform versions cancelled for the PS3 and Xbox 360. This makes enormous sense to us and we think it's time developers of full-sized games started to make this their norm. It's time for them to say goodbye to last-gen and the PS3 and Xbox 360."

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Foehammer2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

If developers do the developing the way Forza Horizon 2 an Tomb Raider is done...

A separate developer makes the game for the last gen console,

then I have no problem with it.

Blues Cowboy2759d ago

I agree in theory (and voted that way), but knowing that a game is cross-gen can lead to compromises even at the earliest design stages.

XisThatKid2759d ago

This is true, it's a double edged sword. honestly it's a bad business decision only a year and a half into into the gen. We have a potential 160 mill attachment if including last gen in development plus current gen sales that's just MORE but this still may compromise dev and games may come short in completion or quality if they don't just focus on two platforms but the game may not sell as much if it's not on as many consoles. Business decisions at it's finest. If a dev makes the wrong decision the game may not sell enough and people could get layed-off, dev teams could get fired, sequels may not happen, bad reviews and bad PR, stunt future investments.
I personally don't mind Just don't make the ports trash and I'll get my full games in the near future when dev ramps up when there are more current gen consoles out there to make a better profit. his gen is in it's infancy still.

jhoward5852759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

It's time developers finally left 'last-gen' behind.

True that. Dying light would've lack hard on graphics/game play if the devs didn't decide to scrap the 360/ps3 version of DL.

I believe Mad max devs have done the same thing to get the most of current gen hardware.

Blues Cowboy2759d ago

Yeah, agreed on all counts. It affects more than just graphics, too - the article makes an example of NFS Rivals, which was held back by AllDrive's shameful 6-player limit that was clearly implemented to be manageable on last-gen machines.

SaveFerris2759d ago

I guess smaller developers could continue to release games on last-gen because of the install base. But large studios like EA or Activision will continue to do so for that reason as well with franchises like Fifa, Madden, and COD respectively.

Asia is likely the last region that will stop producing games for last-gen home consoles, because of the low install base of the PS4, WiiU and Xbox One. This may also be due to the number of smaller game studios that only produce for that region.

SegaGamer2758d ago

I would rather they left DLC behind.