Sony Not Worried About PS3 Delays In Europe & Austraila.

While the PlayStation 3 is now out in North America and Japan, most of the world is waiting until next March to get its hands on the most powerful/expensive console ever.

By the time the PS3 launches in Australia, the Wii and Xbox 360 will have a four-month and 11-month head start, respectively.
But Sony apparently isn't worried about the delay, confident that Blu-Ray will carry the system to victory in the next-generation console wars.

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Razzy4338d ago

and I live in NA. Where's my PS3?

Master of Menace4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

Can anyone name an add-on for a console that has been successful? Because there hasn't been one. The history of console add-ons have been disastrous. Mainly because it creates two fields of developement. In this case DVD and HD-DVD. I bet my bottom dollar that if sales aren't good for the HD-DVD add on, they won't bother about many games. And it will die a painful death. PS3's Blu-ray is guaranteed to pick up sales of Blu-ray Discs because it's built in. I am not buying my console in two pieces, I am waiting to buy the COMPLETE PACKAGE.

TheMART4338d ago

but well, sales are good on HD-DVD addon so what's your point exactly?

dbug3604338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

Couldn’t agree with you more!!! I want a tight all in one package I don’t want a piece here and a piece over there, good point about add-ons not being successful . I think this gen is more about personal choice…if you want a master piece that can pretty much do anything and everything than the ps3 is for you or if you want an inexpensive next gen gaming experience than go the 360, I know what my choice is.

Fanboys are gay4338d ago

Well with the release of ps3 the HD-DVD's sales are still over powering Blu-Ray, and THERE WILL NEVER BE ANY GAMES ON HD-DVD microsoft have stated that very clearly, and if you dont call the hd-dvd player sucessful how come there selling like hot cakes over here? and not everyone has a HDTV so why should be forced to pay extra for something your never going to use?

MicroGamer4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

Atari 2600 adapter for Colecovision. Very successful. The HD-DVD player will be successful because it is less than half the price of a low end stand alone HD-DVD player and works with the PC. Microsoft learned the lesson that SOny didn't from the last generation. it's that playing movies in your game console reduces it's operational lifespan. I am glad that Microsoft is making their HD solution available as an add on and not built in. I don't want another bricked console.

scriptkiddie4338d ago

I choose to wait till i know who wins the format war... I don't want to be stuck with a bunch of expensive disk to a format that losses. The last thing i want is to own 50 disk in a format that lost then have to rebuy them in the other format... thank you i will wait.

Second: if i was going to buy HD movies i would perfer a high quality stand alone player, not some cheap player thrown in or as a attachment on my console.

I have not once played a DVD on any console i have owned.

InMyOpinion4338d ago

Maybe HD-DVD is'nt the best thing for the 360. But if you check Sony's previous attempts at "inventing" new formats most of them have gone str8 2 hell. They have a bad history.

marionz4337d ago

it is first and formost a hd dvd player, yes it connects to the 360 but so what? look ant all the components people get now days to make up their home theatre, the hd dvd player is just another addition to your home theatre rather then a simple console add on, and its a good price for a quality product, its small and looks cool, and i dont have to pay for it untill i need it, unlike sony who force bluay on people without even knowning if it will be sucessfull

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dbug3604338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

Does it really matter what format console makers chose? The games have to be on something don’t they? I didn’t hear everybody crying when Nintendo chose to use cartridges on nes, snes , n64 or those min dvd disks…hell would all you xbox fans be happy if we went back to the tape deck days were you press play (it will be cheap)?? My point being is the media has to be stored on some type of format and as for you saying ” why should we be forced to pay extra for something your never going to use?” well ill take that into consideration every time I pop a blu-ray game disk into my ps3’s blu-ray drive and enjoy my 15+gigs of gaming

MicroGamer4338d ago

It's already been shown that devs are padding those Blu-Ray game discs with garbage, not additional content.

scriptkiddie4338d ago

We have seen the quality of that 15+ gigs of gaming so Aren't you glad you pay $200 more for it.

dbug3604338d ago

That’s a load of bull seriously what would devs have to gain from filling up the disks? That would be waste of time and money! Where’s your proof? Links?

MicroGamer4338d ago

actual dump of RFOM showing much padding taking place.

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