9 Minutes of Adr1ft

By Ryan McCaffreyAdr1ft is a first-person narrative adventure that doesn't feature any other people, let alone any combat. And yet it's still a gripping, tense experience, if this nine-minute slice of gameplay is anything to go by.

Stay tuned on Wednesday for an in-depth, 40-minute interview with Adr1ft creator Adam Orth as he details the parallels between the crumbling of his personal life after his 2013 "#DealWithIt" controversy and the crumbling of the spaceship around you in Adr1ft. It's an intensely personal interview you won't want to miss.


505 Games has removed the Denuvo anti-tamper tech from ADR1FT

Now here is a pleasant surprise. Three One Zero and 505 Games have announced that they have removed the Denuvo anti-tamper tech from their Unreal Engine-powered first-pers on adventure game, ADR1FT.

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Atomicjuicer2405d ago

Whatever about Denuvo, this is an under-rated game.


ADR1FT cancelled for Xbox One

Space exploration game is no longer coming to Microsoft's console

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KiwiViper852705d ago

Most likely the poor sales on pc and ps4 mean there's no more money to keep funding the development for Xbox one. They also cancelled the PSVR version.

darthv722705d ago

didn't even know it was for xb1. I thought it was PCVR / PSVR game.

christocolus2704d ago


You are right.

The PSVR version is on hiatus... the devs also told fans to beg the publisher for PSVR support.


and the reviews weren't great either


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BABY-JEDI2704d ago

PSVR Support please, I still haven't thrown up playing a PSVR game so here's hoping this will do the trick 😝Only kidding. You can do it 😉

2704d ago

VR Gaming’s Real Problem Isn’t Price; It’s Diversity

New Normative takes a look at the diversity concerns facing VR gaming, and how inclusiveness can be achieved without hampering design.

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garyanderson2780d ago

I dunno, cost is a big deal! But I can still see the concerns the author has.

PeaSFor2780d ago

"a dark-skinned, Asian player may feel less immersed in the world seeing that the the player character, despite being a no-named blank canvas with which they’re meant to ‘project’ upon, has white hands. And what about female gamers, where the character is addressed by others in the game with male descriptors (dude, guy, man, etc.)? This only results in them feeling ‘hey, this game was not designed with me in mind"

garbage material, dont click on that trash.

gangsta_red2780d ago

Looking at the pic above...VR seems pretty diverse to me.

Aenea2780d ago

What the heck just happened? I clicked agree on a gangsta_red post!


ecchiless2780d ago

Is the end of the world(?)

OC_MurphysLaw2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

FPS games have dealt with this same issue for many many years and guess what....its not really as big an issue as this article would lead you to believe.

The actual big issue for VR right now is the media hype has slowed a ton.... It's still the buzz word right now in gaming but its not nearly on the level it was pre-Oculus launch. Is it running out of steam or just coming back to reality? Likely a bit of both but more just coming back to reality as in, many are starting to look at this as not a viable primary way to game.

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