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Neil writes "The 70’s in LA must have been a great place to live. Big mustaches, big egos and big donuts were the order of the day. There was also the little matter of casual sexism, gun toting gangs ruling the streets and rife criminal activity taking place…seemingly no more so than in the Los Angeles Police Department.

LA Cops whisks us back a few decades to take in all those things and more. But is the 1970’s the groovy place we really want to revisit?"

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oKidUKo2757d ago

Not a huge fan of the 70s vibe in any medium, however with this getting such a high score I'll have to go against my better judgement!

bleedsoe9mm2757d ago

i wonder if games just being announced then are out the next week has anything to do with win10 and dx12 . looks like hotline sims