Classic style Wii / Wii U controllers from £4.95

Dealspwn writes: Fancy a cheap spare controller for your Wii? something ideal for a bit of Smash Bros or one of the retro titles on the store? Or if you have a GameCube adapter you should be able to use it on the Wii U too. Two options are available, a classic Nintendo-styled white one for £4.95. Or if you prefer the oddball GameCube design, you can get a black one for just £5.25. Both sellers are UK based, so you won't be waiting a fortnight like most third-party offers that usually come in from Hong Kong.

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Blues Cowboy2767d ago

Oh nice. Cheap enough to grab a couple for 8-player Smash sessions.

WizzroSupreme2767d ago

I've been dying to play Wii U games on a Gamecube controller for some time now. That's a real deal I can't ignore.

cm_2767d ago

these are most likely trash... the fake cheap ones usually are.