Battlefield Hardline: Official Launch Gameplay Trailer – Song by Imagine Dragons

The official launch gameplay trailer for Battlefield Hardline has been released with the song “I’m So Sorry” by Imagine Dragons. Get a piece of the action in the all-new, high speed Battlefield Hardline that brings you speed, strategy, and story.

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DarkOcelet2768d ago

They should have ditched the last gen in this one. Its really holding it back.

danny8182768d ago

Is it my iPhone or does it look like a PS3 game?

GreenGamers2768d ago

Play on PC with max settings and SweetFX!...

Revolver_X_2768d ago

nope, its jus your troll goggles are turned on.

WizzroSupreme2768d ago

There are a whole mess of things that can go wrong with Hardline this year, but you can hardly go wrong with Imagine Dragons.

marcindpol2768d ago

Fcuk their 129€ premium bundle!..

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