htol#NiQ: The Firefly Diary Review – Cute but Frustrating I The Koalition

Stephanie Burdo of The Koalition writes:
htol#NiQ: The Firefly Diary… Well if that isn’t a mouthful than who knows what is. Rather than continue to roll off that lengthy label, let’s call it The Firefly Diary for short.

Developed by Nippon Ichi Software and published by NIS America, The Firefly Diary is available to players on the PlayStation Vita. Notoriously claimed a “dead” handheld to players everywhere around the world, you can’t help but scratch your head at the confusing line of games that Sony continues to push through the PlayStation Vita. When it comes to The Firefly Diary —Sony only further hammers a nail in the handheld’s coffin.

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Canipa2768d ago

That's a shame. I really like NIS but it looks like this one just doesn't hold up.

Venomousfatman2768d ago

Can't always have a hit, even from a good studio like NiS.

rbailey2768d ago

As a Vita owner, I must say that your description of how that handheld has been treated since launch is spot on. While some may like certain types of games on there, I absolutely haven't found anything worth playing besides Persona 4 Golden. Sony needs to focus on making more games for the device and not just making cross compatible games that also can be played on PS3 and PS4.

Canipa2768d ago

Definitely. It seems like the console is only being supported by a small handful of Japanese companies these days with Sony almost forgetting about it.

Romudeth2768d ago

Damn the vita did not need a game like this. :(