Driveclub Lamborghini DLC’s Cars Listed; “Something Cool” and Free Car by New Manufacturer Coming

Today Evolution studios made jaws drop with the new trailer for the upcoming Lamborghini DLC, but there’s more.

The studio listed the new cars, and teased something else coming, on top of a free car by a new manufacturer.

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garos822768d ago

Thanks for the support Rushy, looking forward to see what you mean by "something else cool" :)

Yi-Long2768d ago

The replay-functionality will finally be coming this month, so I'm excited about that.

The Lambos don't really impress me, but that's mostly because I'm not all that into 'super cars'. I would prefer to see Japanese rides. They should do some Initial D pack or something, with specific cars and tracks from the cartoon.

Also, bikes. I would LOVE to see bikes in the game.

medman2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Bikes??? Have you seen the collisions through the corners in DriveClub?? The motorcyclist would be thrown 250 feet from the driving surface. Oh, and I'm thinking the car teased might be a Bugatti. And 19 more season pass cars not counting the Lambo's? Wow...glad I season passed back in December shortly after buying the game.

Grell5662768d ago

Give us rally. Back in the days evolution studios made good games. They lost it at motorstorm.

Yi-Long2768d ago

Agreed. I LOVE rally-games (when they're done well), and clearly this studio knows how to do P2P-races and great graphics, atmosphere, environments, challenging tracks, handling, etc etc.

Also, with Motorstorm they have shown they can do the off-road stuff.

blakstarz2768d ago

They still make good games...what are you talking about?

antikbaka2768d ago

Something cool? Is my free driveclub on th way?

SoapShoes2768d ago

Yeah I'll share play with ya.

blakstarz2768d ago

Just buy it............................ .....

SniperControl2768d ago

You mean the demo right? the one with 5 tracks(india) and 10 cars...

It's dirt cheap now, just buy it, trust me, you wont be disappointed. Despite what the fanboys say on here, Driveclub has become a really good driving game.

fenome2768d ago

I just finally bought it the other day, it really is a good game. It's a lot more challenging than I thought it'd be at first, I really like it.

ps5fanboy2768d ago

Ppl are actually still asking for a free version?

Bobby Kotex2768d ago ShowReplies(2)
Christopher2768d ago

People still want what was promised them. Yes.

Christopher2768d ago

Oh! And a follow up! It's not free. It's a part of that whole PS+ annual fee thing.

You pay $50/year for PS+. Sony says "Driveclub PS+ edition will be available at release!" It's still not there.

I'm not sure what the confusion is here regarding people wondering where the free version is when at the same time they're releasing more and more DLC.

SniperControl2768d ago

To ge fair to Evo, there has been also been alot of free DLC as well.

Christopher2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

@SniperControl: Not denying that. But, I don't think the answer to "When is the PS+ version getting released?" is "Just buy it." or "Stop asking for free stuff."

BitbyDeath2768d ago

On the plus side the free version should now have weather and replays when it releases along with all the other small changes. I think that is why it hasn't released so it can be pushed whole, unlike the full game.

Spotie2768d ago

The confusion is in the fact that the VAST majority of those clamoring for a free version have slammed the game for ages now, don't want to take advantage of offered opportunities to SharePlay it from others on this site, or otherwise express no interest outside of asking that one question.

In short: they're just trolling, anyway.

What else would you call it when they don't even bother to remark on whatever the new content is, except to note that it isn't the promised Plus version? What other motivations could someone who takes every opportunity to bash something Sony-related have for making that query in every DriveClub article?

Look at antik's comment history and tell me he has a genuine interest in this game.

Christopher2767d ago

***What else would you call it when they don't even bother to remark on whatever the new content is, except to note that it isn't the promised Plus version?***

Exasperation over seeing new DLC and yet... not the PS+ version they were promised.

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XtraTrstrL2768d ago

Wow? What's surprising about that? It was promised, the whole game was initially suppose to be a PS+ month game if you go way back to the initial announcement. Then they changed it up later to say they meant something else for a PS+ version.

I don't see how people asking about that is wrong, but fanboys will go to any lengths to justify such nonsense. The fact you got the amount of agrees you have shows how mangled these kids minds are.

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SoapShoes2768d ago

I hope the new free car is the SSC Tuatara.

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