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Gamespresso claims that "Helldivers is an amazing multiplayer twin stick shooter that looks beautiful and runs perfectly on its respective console. Its cross play and cross save features are very well thought out and makes the game more accesable to more people. Arrowhead has made a gem of a game and I can’t wait to sink more hours into it."

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Yaay4me2767d ago

Damn straight. The game is freagin awesomeness. LovingG iT

Der_Kommandant2767d ago

Helldivers is my new addiction

S2Killinit2767d ago

Yeah i hear the battlecries tempting me to pick up the controller when im trying to study (:

MysticStrummer2767d ago

Yeah when I stop playing it's not long before I hear the music and battle cries in my head. I couldn't sleep last night so I logged in and took part in the defense of planet Providence. Not sure how that turned out in the end but I did my part. Very fun stuff.

S2Killinit2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Get into this game, its pure co-op/multiplayer bliss. Best game in a looonng time. Loving this game. Get yourself a headset though if you want to play it with multiplayer option, communication is key

Yaay4me2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Yeah totally agree, unless you are playing with friends on the same PS4. The gameplay is awesome especially once you get to the harder levels. Man they got this game right

Pintheshadows2767d ago

Why are games that hate you so much fun? I laughed earlier as I saw someone get flattened by the extraction ship.

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