Xbox community coordinator on rumored Quantum Break delay; "good for the game"

Right after Dae Jim send out a tweet that Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break is "likely" to be delayed until 2016 the Dutch Microsoft social media and community coordinator has send out some fresh tweets talking about the rumored delay and what it could mean for the game and the Xbox One.

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DarkOcelet2758d ago

As long as the game is as great as Alan Wake then let it be delayed until its perfect and ready for release.

If it is in 2016 then it will be great because then Xone would have both Quantum Break and Gears IV which means i will definitely get it then.

StrayaKNT2758d ago

I have high hopes for this game and i believe them when they say its going to be good for the game. Remedy are one of my favorite developers so i have faith in them. Hope you enjoy it too.

chrismichaels042758d ago

I'd rather have a delayed game be good then a rushed game be a buggy mess.

bleedsoe9mm2758d ago

a holiday 2016 release would make so much sense for this game from a financial/sales point of view , sept-16 FH3 oct-16 QB nov-16 gears

dantesparda2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

As long as the game is as great as Alan Wake? Like ALL Remedy games, this game will be delayed to kingdom come. Its what Remedy does, its what they ALWAYS do! The game will be out close to the gens end, at best. Mark my word.

Now watch as I get "disagreed" way even though im right. People don't like the truth.

DarkOcelet2758d ago

Hopefully not.

If they stayed on Alan Wake from 2005 to 2010.

And the game debuted at 2013, i think 2016/2017 release date might be possible.

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Kal0psia2758d ago

Geez, at least they launched it. Now don't get all emotional as if it's about Remedy, at least they have great titles. You're just a fanboy and why you deserve thumbs down and one bubble, just look at how you wasted your only one, lol! ;D

otherZinc2758d ago

It could be delayed to take full advantage of
Windows 10 & DirectX 12.

Or, it could be delayed because fall is stacked with Fable Legends, Forza Motorsport 6, & Halo 5 as exclusives for XBOX ONE as it is.

christocolus2758d ago

Agreed. I hope it's a combination of both.

AngelicIceDiamond2758d ago

Phil said they might have to move games around even in early 2016.

Quantum Break debuted nearly 2 years ago that game should make it out this year along with Fable which also debuted 2 years years ago.

Looks like MS needs a none holiday line up for early next year.

Quantum Break and Rise Of The Tombraider for early 2016.

PudgeyBurrito2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

This sucks short term but if the dev's are saying it's not ready be thankful they are respectful enough not to simcity all your asses.

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VER1ON2758d ago

I wonder if they delayed it to spread their exclusives more or if there is anonther reason. I wonder if the game's gameplay will be refreshing enough to become a big seller.

DarkOcelet2758d ago

I think it has to do with the development. I mean, look at Alan wake. It was announced in 2005 and was released in 2010. 5 years in the making.

So the same thing might happen here.

xx4xx2758d ago

I thought the same at first (Halo 5, possible Gears collection, Tomb Raider, etc).

However, taking into account that this is from Remedy, it's likely solely on the development dide. They're a really solid, good developer, but they are definitely not fast.

NeoGamer2322758d ago


Sony delays a game and the N4G community only talks about the need for more game polish.

MS delays a game and N4G conspiracy theories come out.

Fro_xoxo2758d ago


Has this been confirmed?

VER1ON2758d ago

It been tweeted by the Dutch Xbox community and social media coordinator but not officially confirmed by Microsoft yet. I doubt that the community coordinator is wrong though.

christocolus2758d ago


seems like it. :(

bleedsoe9mm2758d ago

my bet next spring viva pinta , quantum break and a gears collection

04STIBluByU2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Dah Gone History Does repeat...Alan Wake hint hint

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