Games from the Vault 'Persona 4 Golden' - How I Learned to Love my PS TV

COG writes - It's no secret the launch of Sony's PS TV wasn't as well received as the video game giant had hoped. In fact, it was downright dismal. For Patrick Anderson one game turned his purchase of a PS TV from a regret to unadulterated joy - Persona 4 Golden.

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CaspuR2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

what are some of your favorite jrpgs? Its not like alright isnt a valid answer but when it comes to persona there are few and a do mean literally a handful of jrpgs that you can argue that are better than persona 3 and 4 (all of which are almost 20 years old now). Its really not a debate if persona (4) is a good game or a bad game anymore, its where does it rank among best games of all time. It probably should be top 20 on any list on mine top 3.

Saladin4162759d ago

i found that gameplay kinda boring and the dungeon design repetitive

but i will say i loved the characters and the story, you're more or less watching an entire anime series.

but hey this is just my opinion, and my fav RPG id say would have to be Legend of Legaia for ps1 (i wish it would come out on vita) i recommend it

nitsuj2759d ago

Methinks the continual drumming of all this school and scholastics within gaming is some kind of propagandizing tool, loving curriculum that much why not be the perpetual student. The univesities would love the worship

Rob_Ko2759d ago

Yeah, I bought ps Vita last week and playing Persona whenever I have some free time. Truly amazing game that got me hyped for Persona 5 like crazy.

IrisHeart2759d ago

One of us! (from two years ago)

OzzY-waZZy2759d ago

Me too! I bought a vita just for Persona and I can't put it down. The system feels great and Persona has me so hyped for 5.

TheColbertinator2759d ago

One of my all time favorites

garos822759d ago

started my first playthrough last week. Still am on my first playthrough and it is absolutely brilliant so far

Protagonist2759d ago

P4G keeps winning!

After you done with P4G, give P3P a go guys ;)

MR_DAVE2759d ago

Your absolutely right!

For me,it was like P4G was this delicious meal, and P3P was the dessert.

I'm still hoping we may see Persona 3 Golden for Vita one day.

Protagonist2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Ever seen the Beta Prototype, not for a "Golden version" though, just how a version of P3 would/could have looked like ;)

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