Yoshida: Sony has to Get Project Morpheus Right 'the first time'

VRFocus - Annual updates on mobile and PC-based virtual reality (VR) hardware are likely to be common once the technology reaches consumers. Oculus VR, for example, has stated that it is working on a new iteration of its Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD) for a possible reveal later this year and acknowledged that the eventual consumer edition of the Oculus Rift will be far from the final iteration. But, as a console-based kit, the Project Morpheus HMD likely won’t have the luxury of regular updates. For that reason, its creators know that they have to get the device right ‘the first time’.

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saddlebrown2759d ago

I didn't realize it had a flippable front screen. That's a really smart solution.

SaveFerris2759d ago

I've never experienced VR before but I'm definitely interested in trying this out.

DarkOcelet2759d ago

If it has a great price. Say 199$ ...

A good dev support from Sony and 3rd Party then it will be great. I can imagine Quantic Dreams next IP or GT7 in it will look unbelievably amazing.

bleedsoe9mm2759d ago

its going to be interesting to see what sony's first party dev can do with VR , but games probably won't look like quantic dreams or GT7 until morpheus 3 .

S2Killinit2759d ago

I think it will be somwhere between $250-350. Its a new technology after all. The screen by itself will not be cheap. Even then i think Sony will be taking a hit on sach headset sold initially. But i think it will end paying devidends. If they are able to get the business side of things right, VR will do the rest.

MasterCornholio2759d ago

The stealing price for me would be over 250$.

WCxAlchemist2759d ago

This article AGAIN!!!!! They also need to get the price right from day one can we get that article again PLZ

S2Killinit2759d ago

Good read. It will be a day one for me. If anyone is interested there is a demonstration by tge VR industry in Merriott Hotel in LA coming up. Price of admission is only $15 dollars if yiur a student, and i think $20 bucks if your not. You can see how great VR is for yourselves (:

Yaay4me2759d ago

Lol look you got a disagree for saying something informative. Man fanbots must not like VR news.

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