No Man's Sky: Amazing Mathematics Used in Creating Every Animal and Tree

"A lot of math and time have gone into No Man's Sky."

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dolphin_supreme2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

fucking ya! math and computer programs to alleviate having to do crap by hand!


Edit: btw those formulas check out :D

die_fiend2762d ago

Either you're 12 years old or need serious help...

dolphin_supreme2762d ago

I'm both. BTW, those formulas are extremely helpful if you don't have a calculator and need to use the unit circle. They're also very easy to prove. It's exciting when math is both useful and simple. They're also good for graphing, but screw graphing trig functions.

Orbilator2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

I don't care about the maths, I'm just super pumped for the game, cant wait. ED was such a let down and I'm an Elite fan since bbc model b days

scark922762d ago

Good, just keep Math out of No Mans Sky!

DougLord2762d ago

I have NEVER seen procedural generation done well. Elder Scrolls has taught us that having a smaller world filled with handcrafted content is better then making things huge and empty. Ever Elder Scrolls world has gotten smaller. Daggerfall was massive and everything was randomly generated. Morrowind was several times larger then Skyrim - but maybe 1/10th the size of Daggerfall. Surprisingly ESO feels the smallest and most content filled of all of them. Im level 40+ and I've been doing just plot line missions the whole time. No grinding or fetch quests.

I bought Elite Dangerous and its TERRIBLE. Absolutely boring. And that was done by a gigantic AAA team. NMS is 10 people!!!! They are going to make a universe 100x the size of Elite. It is going to be empty and boring. The odds of you ever running into another human being are almost 0%.

reallyNow2762d ago

running into humans isnt what this particular game is about..

medman2762d ago

Preach fellow gamer, preach!!

Antifan2762d ago Show
MysticStrummer2762d ago

I have NEVER seen a positive comment from you about a PS game, but I have seen procedural generation done well. In fact two great games I'm playing lately do it well, Don't Starve and Helldivers. Morrowind is a better ES game than Skyrim, so there goes your theory.

I don't know why I bother. You don't retain information anyway. It's been explained many times that running into other players is supposed to be extremely rare in this game.

reallyNow2762d ago

Helldivers is AMAZING. I hate bubbles, as I am done taking part in this conversation. :-D

reallyNow2762d ago

DougLord, there is this little indie title, about digging and building. The worlds are created procedurally. Its not very popular, but maybe you're heard of it? its called "Minecraft". Its not for everyone but it's sold at least 100 copies so I think some people like it.

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WizzroSupreme2762d ago

This entire game looks so amazing. Wonder how long it'll take to "beat."

roadkillers2762d ago

Title threw me off, I figured it would give me their formula for trees and animals.