Love special editions? Gamer’s Edition retroactively making new collector’s versions of cult games

Dealspwn reports: "Have you ever wished that one of your favourite cult games had launched as a collector's edition with loads of merchandise and physical goodies? We hear ya. So does Gamer's Edition, a new company that specialises in crowd-funding special editions of niche games for their their dedicated audience.

As such, there'll soon be brand new physical versions of Papers Please and Hotline Miami 2, complete with unique merch, though they won't come cheap."

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bggriffiths2759d ago

Great idea! But yeah, those prices are a bit wack. Feel free to make a Street of Rage II box and we'll talk though.

Neonridr2759d ago

I wouldn't exactly call $50 for a collector's edition "wack".

I mean people pay upwards of $200 for some collector's editions. You get quite a lot of stuff for that price.

Blues Cowboy2759d ago

Yep, and especially since they could charge what they want - after all they're targeting hardcore fans. Pretty reasonable IMO even including UK shipping.

Blues Cowboy2759d ago

Torn between an FTL and Dungeon Of The Endless SpecEd.

-Foxtrot2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

I'm interested but Cult games?....Hotline Miami and Papers Please

When I think of Cult games I think of games on the PS1/N64/Gamecube/PS2 which didn't have collectors editions.

If they did a collectors edition for something like Conkers Bad Fur Day, Tomb Raider (PS1 collection) or even Luigis Mansion then that would be amazing

Blues Cowboy2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Totally agree in theory (voted)... but in practice they'll have to work directly with existing publishers and developers, which will be impossible for the likes of Rare and Nintendo.

Cy2758d ago

I like the idea, but I'm not really a fan of the games they have so far. Hopefully they get some games that aren't future "in every indie sale bundle ever" games.

Lucreto2758d ago

They should do the CE for Papers Please when they release the Vita version.

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