Video game characters: the more real they get, the less we like them

The more real game characters look, the less you identify with them. So maybe that’s why the firms that produce them are allowing you to design your own

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AudioEppa2767d ago

It really all depends on the game when it comes to what works and what doesn't for the realistic look imo.

Yi-Long2767d ago

The article mentions Monkey Island's Guybrush as an example of this, and TBH, I don't think the problem is that he looks more 'realistic', but more that the new Guybrush just looks plains TERRIBLE in terms of artwork/design/etc etc.

I absolutely agree he looked much better in his pixelated form in Monkey Island 1 and 2. However, I feel that with better artists they could have donme a much better job at portraying a newer higher-res version of Guybrush.

That Guybrush in Monkey Island 1 HD: YUCK!!!!! In 2 HD the character-design luckily improved a bit, but still...

SaveFerris2767d ago

I dunno. The girls from Dead or Alive 5: The Last Round are a lot more appealing than the original Dead or Alive game. In the future there may be a point where we can't distinguish a video game character from real life but that would come down to AI as well as life-like graphics etc.

waltyftm2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Agreed, a real life Lei Fang,,,, my body is ready.

scark922767d ago

Yeah It depends, I think video game characters that are less realistic seem to be more charming and easier to like in comparison.

AudioEppa2767d ago

I don't disagree with you, but at the same time take for instance Naughty Dog, Their games never appealed to me until uncharted & tlou came along. Then I fell in love with the characters. But for an adventure game, let's say broken sword. I loved 1,2&5, but I didn't like the 3D character design of 3&4.

scark922767d ago

Yeah I find many realistic characters great, Like nearly everyone in the MGS Series, but I mean, like old RPGs had likable characters easily because only their personality came to play, I guess many realistic characters nowadays are generic, but people like Naughty Dog make great characters!

Joseveth2767d ago

You're just head over heels for EVA from MGS3!
I don't blame you though, who wouldn't be....

The_Sage2767d ago

I have to disagree with the article. I like Joel, Ellie, Drake, Sully, and a whole host of other realistic characters, and identify with them more than say... Sackboy.

AudioEppa2767d ago

I get what you're saying, but don't ever disrespect sackboy again or we will have problems... lol jkjk

scark922767d ago

What about SackPirate?!? Hmm!?

Sackboy would be more charming, there is not really comparison to those though since the ND characters were character driven, Sackboy was a mere host/Avatar for LBP

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