Phantasy Star Online 2 – Episode 2 arrives for Southeast Asia server

The next chapter in the space-spanning world of Phantasy Star Online 2 is arriving soon! Phantasy Star Online 2 gears up for Episode 2, the new chapter where exciting new features and gameplay content will be introduced to the gamers. Launching March 5, 2015, Episode 2 boasts all of the new features seen below. Exclusive to Southeast Asia players only!

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The Best MMORPGS That Aren’t World of Warcraft

Some WoW-like MMORPGs are better than others. Here's a curated list that offers a wide variety of games that let you play with other people but have something unique to offer.

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Jiub771d ago

WoW is a mess and it will continue to be a mess. Still, the less-developed MMOs are going to have trouble gaining a fan base because they lack content right now. Even if people do flock to FF14 or BDO, they'll go back to WoW if they fix enough features or give players a shred of hope.


The Best MMOs For When You Finally Quit World of Warcraft

Blizzard is going through some stuff right now, and people are seeing the writing on the wall— World of Warcraft might not be the best game in which to invest your time at the moment.

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SeTTriP925d ago

Didn't know people still played this game

Jiub925d ago

Fewer people for certain but still a lot of people.

gleepot925d ago

Nah, I'll keep playing the game with the millions of other people. The writing on the wall says "game is not dead" even though people have claimed it is for 15 years.

Jiub925d ago

I'd guess that people are going to filter out but then come back for the next expac when the turmoil is over. I do worry about content delays, though.


Does Phantasy Star Online 2 Have Cross-Platform Play?

With the release of a global server, this MMORPG is available on PC and Xbox. However, does Phantasy Star Online 2 have cross-platform play?

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Daeloki974d ago

Here, let me save you the click: "Yes, Phantasy Star Online 2 does support cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC"