Ninja Theory cut one of Devil May Cry's most sexually suggestive lines for Definitive Edition

DmC Devil May Cry developer Ninja Theory has removed a snippet of sexually suggestive dialogue from the action adventure's Definitive Edition release.

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Activemessiah2767d ago

Chicken sh*t... You can no longer call this "Definitive".

GameDev12767d ago

Anita saarkesian and Gamer gate controversy strikes again I assume

cleft52767d ago

I am just happy to know that the line where they say Fuck like 20 times is still in there, gotta keep this game classy after all. What a joke.

360ICE2767d ago


"Anita Sarkeesian, I assume"

Could be the "Thanks, Obama" of Gamergate.

Yi-Long2767d ago

I don't buy their excuse that it was cut because of pacing.

Personally I actually liked the dialogue as it was. Smells like censorship to me. Shouldn't have been cut.

This actually makes me wonder what else they have cut from the game.

Sevir2767d ago

I doubt it. since the europe and UK ban hammers would have been enforced the first time! That line was actually pretty cheesy and came off as a more forced and useless line in the opening.

-Foxtrot2767d ago

Well whatever, doesn't make the game any less poorly written

LOGICWINS2767d ago

Funny. Many critics said DMC had the most coherent story in the franchise.Im buying it this week.

-Foxtrot2767d ago

Many critics licked Capcoms arse on this one, despite it being an inferior DMC game in every way.

DMC was never about story but god damn the story and dialouge in this was worse....way worse.

InTheLab2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

"[email protected]$! you.. No [email protected]$! you. No [email protected]$! You" Great writing right there...

Sevir2767d ago

right because DMC 1-4 certainly were penchants for amazing story and dialog? give it a rest already. people need to stop kidding themselves. No one really cared for the story, They cared for Dante's and his break kneck action sequences and the blistering complexity of the combat system. no one mentions how masterful DMCs of the past story and narrative made us feel some type of way. They just loved pulling off combos in the most stylish way possible.

Whether you want to accept it or not DmC's story was far more coherent, cohestive and thematically intact than the rest of the entire franchise.

Its ok if you simply hate the game because you felt the design and game play weren't up to snuff compared to DMC4/3 matter of opinions. But as an action game its fun and exceeds in its story where the last 4 made Zero sense.

2767d ago
RosweeSon2767d ago

Yeah they've cut a line about bending someone over and added an "extra scene" should have left it all as it was unless it was adding to it not taking away from it at the same time.

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