Xbox One Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle Surfaces

Looks like Microsoft have announced that there's a new Xbox One bundle coming, which will include Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The bundle is due for release this month in most territories where the Xbox One is already available.

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wakeNbake2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

FIX THIS GAME! As good as the Halo 5 beta was I cant be too excited when your remaster is in the deplorable state its in now.
so you mean the matchmaking works now?
I guess I'll give it a try then did not know the update was out.

StrayaKNT2768d ago

Its fixed dude. The latest patch fixed the multiplayer, ive been on everynight without waiting longer than 20 seconds to find a match.

aviator1892768d ago

pretty much this ^^
online is fully functional and working now, especially for parties.

getrektedmate2768d ago

Are you serious? 20 seconds to find a match? I should start playing this.

pivotplease2768d ago

Sounds legit. My friend needs to buy more controllers in that case.

donthate2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Yup, it has been fixed!

That said, it wasn't even bad for me when the whole thing was going on.

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hello122768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Game has been fixed over a week now its well known the game is working as it should.

Microsoft would not release a bundle if the game was still broken can you imagine the backlash they would get.

KilKarazy2768d ago

Well......Assassins creed unity...

ShowanW2768d ago

it's fixed... turn it on and update it...

LexHazard792768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

He doesn't have an Xbox One or Halo MCC to update.

ShowanW2768d ago

At BakPAin... LOL...

Maybe your right...

spicelicka2768d ago

Game has been fixed since December, I don't what kind of connection people have

Gazondaily2768d ago

No its the recent update that did it. Now its working as it should be.

badz1492768d ago

since December LOL! that's pushing it a bit

Gazondaily2768d ago

Yup its fixed.

Finally working now.

hades072768d ago

Just finished all four campaigns. Now with a remastered ODST coming, Spartan ops and the matchmaking being fixed, well I was never a huge Halo fan before but this certainly changed me.

Gamer19822768d ago

pointless bundle though no?? I think it would be much better with a new look Xbox.. You can pretty much get the game bundled unofficially now.

pivotplease2768d ago

It's basically an economical bundle. Like getting TLoU PS4 or something. Can't really complain although people should just get a bundle that's with a $60 game and then pick up the collection for less than that.

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StrayaKNT2768d ago

They held it back until the multiplayer was 100% fixed which is smart imo, been playing it every night and wow it is as amazing as it was years ago.

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towelie12882768d ago

been playing with no problems Big team battle all night much fun

LAWSON722768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

The game works now so quit with the fix this game nonsense, however I wish they would integrate a way to stay with the previous lobby and for some reason when I was on the other day BTB was 7v7

RzaDaRazor2768d ago

When the game launched, it would keep you in your group of people from the last match. It seems they removed this to try to help some of the multiplayer matchmaking issues so, hopefully they bring this back. If I want to play all Team Slayer matches, I shouldn't have to pick the Team Slayer playlist after every match. 343i must know this and will fix it.

ShowanW2768d ago

This is a very smart move on Microsoft's part.

Now that the latest patch pretty much fixed match making and other little annoyances, this is smart move to get Halo back into the Harts of gamers in a good way.

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