Assassin’s Creed Rogue Console Vs PC Comparison shows Huge differences

A Youtube and link to direct feed video showcasing the differences between last year's console release of Assassin's Creed Rogue and the PC version.

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trywizardo2759d ago

Comparing 360 to PC now !!!

Yi-Long2759d ago

Now that they've made a PC-version, I kinda expect them to release XBO-PS4 ports as well.

RaidensRising2759d ago

PC is always going to look better but at least we can see by how much.

I don't think the visuals are as good as Black Flag but that might just be me.

Adexus2759d ago

Definitely not as good as Black Flag but it looks decent enough.

GamingTruth2759d ago

yeah pc is always going to look better in multiplats, thanks to developer choice

deadfrag2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

It does not look good like Black Flag not for much and looks even worst when compared with Unity but you people now WHAT:atleast it runs smooth with constant framerate and well optimize Pc wise still looking very nice indeed.Thats the reason i keep saying graphics are not everything,developers should not push graphics just for the sake of showing them if them the game end up suffering on other aspects due to this!Just my two cents on the matter.

MegaRay2758d ago

I hate when people say "X game sucks, it has PS3 graphics" like does this the only thing people care about? To just look at the game?

Atleast some dev (largely Japanese) dont use all the budget on graphics department.