Cliff: We'd Have A Hard Time Porting Project Bluestreak To Consoles; Frame Rate Will Be King

CliffyB thinks it would be problematic to port Project Bluestreak to consoles because of its fast paced, vertical nature.

He also said that having high frame rate is very important to the game, although it will also look very good.

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kaiserfranz2759d ago

Yeah, fast paced games don't translate that well to consoles. They'd have to change quite a few things

yarbie10002759d ago

Unreal Tournament was one of the first games on Xbox Live

WCxAlchemist2759d ago

Im 100% sure UT will be on Xbox one most likely as a PC/Xbox exclusive

Paytaa2759d ago

You're thinking of Unreal Championship 1 and 2 on the OG Xbox which was exclusive to Xbox.

joab7772759d ago

I guess. If he wants to make a game for a limited base, make it f2p and milk the community, why not?

MadLad2759d ago

The free to play systems for most of PC's applicable titles don't, in fact, milk the player base itself. They're rather fair, especially considering the games themselves come free.

You can believe what you want though.

elninels2759d ago

For all the talk of people with megarigs running games with that kind of performance, I would've met someone with one at some point. never have I ever.

MadLad2759d ago

A run a number of modern titles in 4k, then downsampled to my 1080p display.
This is on a GTX680. A card from a good few years ago. It doesn't take a monster of a PC to run games in 4k. Only the more demanding titles on the market at the moment.

MadLad2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

The disagrees know more about my gaming situation than I do, apparently.

ps5fanboy2759d ago

Wonder how many of zee master race actually have monitors up to 240hz?? Not many.
Probably a much lower frame rate would match a humans reaction time anyway...

kaiserfranz2759d ago

240? No one. 120&144 Hz are becoming popular though!

MadLad2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

I'm pretty sure that last sentence of yours makes absolutely no sense.


Was lucky enough to grab one of the new BenQ 144hz monitors back when it first released at $300.
That monitor now sits between $700 - 800 most places.

starchild2759d ago

240Hz TVs are a gimmick. They actually can only display 60fps and then they use frame interpolation to make up the rest.

I have a 144Hz G-Sync monitor with a 1ms pixel response time and it's the fastest, most responsive display I've ever used.

Joe_John2759d ago

We must have the same monitors.! Great technology is Gsync, 35-40 fps feels like 60, making it easier to attain 4k.

LavaLampGoo2759d ago

Interesting, I'm not sure how to take this game, I'm a Cliff fan but not so much F2P. Will have to keep an eye out over summer...

Iluvtrim2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

This game will be a great addition to the XBO library. "Greatness Is Here"

LexHazard792759d ago

Except I don't think its coming to Xbox. Nice try tho.

die_fiend2759d ago

Crack by the looks of things.

Cliff can keep this sh!te. Him and David Jaffe should team up. They've got in common the fact they're has-beens who wish they could create waves in the industry again instead of these pathetic whimpers!

Alexious2759d ago

I think you're a bit confused there...

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The story is too old to be commented.