Are videogames becoming more difficult?

Destructoid writes: "In general, are videogames becoming more difficult? Well, it all depends on who you ask, because after all, difficulty is a matter of opinion. In my opinion, videogames are becoming progressively easier over time. In this article I'll tackle the issue of videogame difficulty in its many forms and how this affects the gaming community.

When I think about the difficulty of videogames today, my gut reaction would be, yes, they are becoming more difficult. Many other gamers agree with me. However, that's just looking at the surface of the situation – the gaming controller. Gaming controllers have become much more complex since the days of the Atari. Comparatively speaking there is much more advanced technology housed within present controllers, and many more buttons. A non-gamer will always choose the less complicated looking controller. The more buttons and the more complicated the device looks, the more daunting the task becomes. "You hand somebody a game controller and it's like you've handed them a live gun or a hand grenade with the pin taken out," said former Sony Executive Phil Harrison at GDC 2008 (Martin, 2008)."

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HighDefinition3967d ago

There getting EZ......

Along time ago, there was games that were actually impossible if you didn`t have a cheat code. No save points. No continues.

thor3967d ago

Yup. Been playing MGS2 recently, on european extreme difficulty, you die in 1 hit from bosses, no rations, it's very almost impossible. MGS4, even on extreme mode, is a joke in comparison. The bottom 2 difficulty levels are completely redundant because there's barely any challenge on "solid normal" mode. You can have up to THREE rations on extreme mode in MGS4, 3!! Too easy...

vasilisk3967d ago

I agree, they are getting much easier so that the industry can target casual gamers. The easy mode is a complete joke for 9 out of 10 games out there, and the normal mode is becoming easier then the easy mode that we had some years ago.
The only game I really enjoyed playing these last few months on Hard and immediately after that on Crushing mode was Uncharted with one the best opponent AI I've ever seen on a game...

Squeezle3966d ago

I feel like recent games basically shove the gameplay down your throat. What ever happened to having to figure out what to do next? That was a big part of some earlier games. Anyway, if anything I would say that games might be getting more complex, but definitely not harder.

el_bandito3966d ago

Way way back there was no good medium such as the internet to share cheats/guides/exploits. There were no walkthroughs, no gameshark codes, no dlc, no downloadable fixes/patches, no downloadable saved games...

Rock Bottom3966d ago

Haha, I've been there, actually you can get rations from the guards, otherwise, they will give you one ration before fighting the metal gears.

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iamtehpwn3966d ago

The interface on some modern games is absolutely terrible.

Domenikos3966d ago

I mean, how many buttons have actual controlers roflllll

I miss the 4 buttons + Dpad controls

>>>> MG for Nes > MGS4 even in extreme mode.

iamtehpwn3966d ago

IT was just so impressive what kind of concepts they could come up with. It was miyamoto who said something similar to:

"If you give an Artist a million colors, then they paint a whole canvas, but if you limit them to a smaller palette they have to be extremely creative to produce something interesting. "

Fux4Bux3966d ago

Games are getting much easier. Even hardcore PC gaming is getting destroyed by Xbox ports.

It's really pathetic too because they're doing it for no reason whatsoever. You don't get more people to buy games by making them easy. If anything it's more important to get a hardcore following by making a deep and challenging game. Then it spreads from there.

kevnb3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

you're joking right, "hardcore" pc games were always pretty easy. It was the hardcore console games that were a challenge to beat, like contra, ninja gaiden, mega man etc... I cant remember a single pc game that was hard. Also, dont blame the xbox, hardcore pc gamers ruined hardcore pc gaming by not buying enough software. Casual pc gaming has been what sells going back to even before the xbox. Even Half-Life 2 was a piece of cake.

Nitrowolf23966d ago

i have to say there getting easy
"back then" we never had continues, save points, or many cheats.
now they become easy cause we have these things. i mean even with classic games being rereleased in a disc combo have become easy because there are some hidden cheats in them. But the games are bigger now so that could be one of the reasons. Some games are challenging but to say they are getting more diffult then they were back then , no they are not. Most games no a days can be completed withen a day. I rememeber my bro leaving his system on cause there never were saves. try to be my friend who has Ps2 and no memory card. He sometimes leaves it on for days.

SixTwoTwo3966d ago

JK games are getting too easy.

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