Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Top Seller on Amazon Germany; beating Bloodborne, FF and others

Just a few days after the release date for Kojima's final Metal Gear Solid title has been announced the game already has become the top selling game at the German Amazon website.

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Bansai2759d ago

After what I experienced in GZ? I say well deserved.

VER1ON2759d ago

Must buy but not on the German Store for me :)

DarkOcelet2759d ago

I can see this game staying on the top spot for along time when its released.

Ozmoses2759d ago

happy for MGSV.... now just open up the pre-orders in America already.....

goku2759d ago

They are open on

VER1ON2759d ago

They are indeed, check the link in the post.

DarXyde2759d ago

They're likely talking about the Collector's Edition. I've been waiting on that, too.

Ozmoses2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

the normal game is available but not the collectors edition...

in America... I've been watching amazon and gamestop website for the past 3 days waiting.

edit - I'm looking at it now on that link you provided.. I'm skeptical because there is no image or any details provided.

Either way I was gonna get it at GameStop. I literally live 3-4 minutes around the corner from my local store. But even if I don't get it.. It's whatever..

SaveFerris2759d ago

Gamestop is probably engaged in a bidding war with Amazon and the other retailers for the exclusive rights to the collectors edition.

VER1ON2759d ago

The Collector's Edition was available for pre-order at the following link:

But it appears the edition has been sold out already:

Chevalier2759d ago

Game stop doesn't have a listing yet?! Weird. EB Games had a listing already so I am preordered and ready to go!

AudioEppa2759d ago

Not surprising, but I expect another game will be there soon, it happens, not really newsworthy lol

WESKER20152759d ago

the only thing that annoys me about phantom pain is no david hayter, youd be surprised what an iconic voice in the gaming world can do for a game

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