Call of Duty: 50,000 sign petition for Modern Warfare 2 PS4 and Xbox One remake

Aussie fan creates petition for remake of 2009 shooter.

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JMaine5182767d ago

Why not COD4 or WAW? Those were better in my opinion

jriquelme_paraguay2767d ago

why not a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Collection?

Gazondaily2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Because MW3 would be included in that...and no one wants that :P

Btw, I signed this petition. I want this so bad!

jriquelme_paraguay2767d ago

but... more maps in the multiplayer :(

donthate2767d ago

CoD4: MW was incredibly amazing. I still remember the sniper mission. Epic!!!

Crimzon2767d ago

I would love to see a collection of the three Modern Warfare games. I thought all of them were great but Modern Warfare 3 was my personal favorite.

When you take all the DLC into account, a collection of MW1/MW2/MW3 would provide a huge amount of content. The three single player campaigns, huge amount of co-op missions and all the multiplayer maps? I'd buy it instantly.

Re-versed2766d ago

...And we all wonder why you gave The order 4/10...Now i know...

Dee_912766d ago

id be happy with either cod4 waw and mw2, those are the only ones I liked

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princejb1342767d ago

Mw2 and black ops 1 were the funniest to me. Series went downhill after those

badz1492767d ago

funniest? what is this? a comedy show?

on topic, seriously, CoD is rehashed badly already, why give them the idea to do worst?

princejb1342767d ago

oops sorry my iphone auto correct. Funnest*

Fluke_Skywalker2766d ago

Your phone auto corrected correctly, "funnest" is not proper English! "Most fun" would be the correct grammar.

Gamer19822767d ago

Or how about no?? Once a year is bad enough!

Jaqen_Hghar2767d ago

COD4 is the historic one that vaulted the series to stardom. Not sure what's wrong with these "fans" that they wouldn't want that one?

JeffGUNZ2766d ago

A lot of the ones playing today didn't get involved until MW2. COD4MW was one of the best online experiences I have ever had. It was simple, balanced, and addictive. MW2 ruined the experience for me some. MW3 completely turned me off to this series.

FITgamer2767d ago

I'd be more than happy with MW & MW2 with all DLC included for $60. Knowing Activision though they'd charge you for a season pass.

Joda2766d ago

Black ops 1 and world at war! Bam!

lilbrat232766d ago

COD4 for me I hated WAW.

MRMagoo1232766d ago

I would rather a petition for them to stop making COD games completely.

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skawtch2767d ago

Why not just stop making new games entirely and rehash every moderately acceptable game since Wolf 3D?

Gazondaily2767d ago

Well we've seen the quality of the CoD games take a nose dive after MW2 so I don't have much confidence in the studios "making new games". COD: MW2 was amazing and a PROPER faithful remake would be a hit in my opinion.

Legion212767d ago

I think infinity ward is the only cod developer struggling. Although advanced warfare could be frustrating it was a pretty good game.

aviator1892767d ago

To be honest, I haven't enjoyed any call of duty mp since the cod 4, waw, and mw 2 days.

Blank2767d ago

I like this snarky comment! But I agree, I mean sure apparently there is an audience for this but my gooodness Activision will drool so hard at the prospect of rereleasing COD games from the past. Forget sequels lets go to COD:AW and down! /s

spicelicka2767d ago

I thought they've been remaking Cod since MW2 came out?

But seriously COD4 remake would be amazing!

ltachiUchiha2767d ago

I think there are way too many call of duties its ridiculous that people would want a remake lol but I agree if they did remake one COD4 was the best hands down out of all them.

ginsunuva2767d ago

Yeah, I thought Ghosts was already MW remade for this gen.

HollowZbankai2767d ago

Pretty sure he meant they copy/paste everything for every cod since then.

Bathyj2767d ago

CoD that's what we need. More call of duty. Remake some good games why don't you.

Gazondaily2767d ago

"Remake some good games why don't you."

COD: MW2 wasn't good?

WellyUK2767d ago

Not compared to cod4... Anyone with a brain would know this.

pompombrum2767d ago

^^^ Hardly fair, both are fantastic games and would be a welcomed remaster.

Jaqen_Hghar2767d ago

It went full retard in the campaign. Just explosions galore none of the class of the first through WaW. It's unfortunate that multiplayer became the focus. A man only kept those because after WaW they don't have memorable Singleplayers that a man wants to revisit. Multiplayer gets boring in a week you gotta have the singleplayer to be truly timeless.

Bathyj2767d ago

I suppose. Forgive me if I think weve had enough Call of Duty in the last decade. Youre talking to someone who feels the series peaked with the second game.

76erz242767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

"Good games". COD MW2 has a metacritic of 94. The same as Bioshock, Halo 3 and 1 point under TLOU....

MRMagoo1232766d ago

Stopped reading at metacritic, which was also when your point became invalid.

wakeNbake2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

My favorite COD besides the OP killstreaks and noob tubes, and getting deranked/ 10th prestiged multiple times.

Jaqen_Hghar2767d ago

Noob tubes are awesome. They even the playing field for people who suck

Kevlar0092766d ago

Who could forget Noobtube + OneManArmy Nuke strats.