Eight things you need to know about GTA Online Heists - hit the ground running tomorrow

Dealspwn: "After more than a year of delays and broken promises, Grand Theft Auto Online is finally set to receive its heists tomorrow. The update will bring a slew of new missions and content to all versions of the game -- with the exception of the delayed PC edition, naturally -- and finally add the sweet cooperative capers we've all been looking forward to.

However, plenty of new details have now hit the internet, both in terms of official announcements, leaks and hands-on time, from its file size to the new hardware and secret achievements. Here's everything you need to know!"

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bggriffiths2757d ago

Think I'll fire up my PS3 version and see how this goes. If it looks like it has staying power I might finally consider getting the PS4 edition. Don't want to pay more than £20 though ideally.

Blues Cowboy2757d ago

I'm waiting for the PC edition personally. Bought on 360 at launch, but not going to get it on PS4 as there's no point buying again without mods etc.