The original Final Fantasy games available from £3.60 on Vita/PSP

Dealspwn writes: Fancy playing the very first Final Fantasy title? Well, now's your chance as many of the originals going for just £3.60 for a download to your Vita or PSP.

Final Fantasy on Vita/PSP - £3.60
Final Fantasy II on Vita/PSP - £3.60
Final Fantasy III on Vita/PSP - £5.40

The games may have aged a little harshly over the years, but for £3.60 we think Final Fantasy fans will get a kick out of seeing where it all began. The game was originally called Final Fantasy as it was set to be the company's final game before they went of business. However, it sold exceptionally well and the rest is history as they say.

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Hipp02756d ago

Wow it really does work on top of this sale. My bad. I read the T&Cs and assumed that "Discount Codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion." meant it wouldn't.

bggriffiths2756d ago

Always worth giving it a try anyways ;). One use only though folks, so make sure you've got everything in your basket in one go.

Hipp02756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

I bought stuff in the FF sale the other day T_T totally gutted now lol

Blues Cowboy2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

I love the original FF. Frequently replay it, always amazed at how heavily based it is on Tolkien-esque fantasy/D&D as opposed to the flights of fancy we usually expect from JRPGs. Really shows how close Western RPGs, JRPGs and tabletop RPGs were back in the day, even on other sides of the world.

Spore_7772756d ago

Again? Have mercy on my wallet, 2015!