UK Retailer Selling PlayStation One Wallet

Popular UK retailer Zavvi is selling an item which may be highly coveted by PlayStation fans for just £14.99. The PlayStation One Bi-fold wallet, which they’re selling for just £14.99 features the official PlayStation logo and is pretty drool worthy.

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CARROT1809942768d ago

just ordered this, they got a really cool ps1 bag on there for £25 aswell.

gaffyh2768d ago

I kinda want it, but my wallet is fine, and buying this means that I will have less money to put into it :)

gaffyh2768d ago

Honestly does look cool but I would love a PS2 one more.

frenchtoast2768d ago

I actually thought this would be a fake first but it has all the logos.

DeadManMMX2768d ago

Damnit sold out. Playstation has the most die hard fans arrrgh I wanted I still want arrrgh!!!

Lucreto2768d ago

Aaaaannnnnnnddddddd it's gone. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.