Dragon Ball Z XenoVerse Review (Invision Game Community)

Dragon Ball Z XenoVerse is the newest release in a long line of fighting games, developed by Dimps who have worked on plenty of the previous releases. XenoVerse seems to be an evolution on the system found in Battle of Z with the heavy focus on multiplayer fights with 3v3 player controlled battles and up to 6 characters fighting at once on one map. Following in the steps of what was argued to be one of the worst DBZ games, can XenoVerse put itself apart?

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APG's New Game Plus: Dragon Ball Z XenoVerse 2

Ian Youngren of All Platform Gaming discusses what he would like to see in a sequel to Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse.

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itsjustexuma3061d ago

More characters and classic costumes for the everyone in the roster

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Becuzisaid3061d ago

I know this goes against the ideas created for Xenoverse, but I want a traditional story mode that goes through the entire saga start to finish - DB through DBZ, even into the new show (haven't really seen anything with that).

Maybe nobody else wants this because literally every DBZ game has something like that, but I haven't played a DBZ game since Tenkaichi 2. I thought that story mode (Dragon mode?) was near perfect.

ninsigma3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

What's the new show?? Only thing I know after dbz is GT.

Becuzisaid3061d ago

They started a new show in Japan that takes place at the end of DBZ. This makes GT non-canon. New show is called Dragon Ball Super.


SegaGamer3061d ago

Prepare yourself for disappointment, Dragon Ball Super is an embarrassment to the franchise. It's awful.

ninsigma3061d ago

Aawww man, even more so than GT??
K I'll give it a miss then. I'll keep my good memories! XD

SegaGamer3060d ago

Yeah, in my opinion it is much worse than GT. The whole show is like a parody show and it's very childish. The animation is terrible throughout too. I was really looking forward to it when i heared of it's announcement, but after 5 episodes, i knew what kind of show i was getting, and since then it has been getting worse. Vegeta has been completely ruined, he's turned into a joke character. All he seem's to do is pull goofy faces and do really goofball things.

You should still give it a go though, it's best to judge it for yourself.

ninsigma3060d ago

Not vegeta! :O
He was my favourite character!

I don't really watch shows anymore. I generally just play games so I won't put this high on the priorities to watch.

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ninsigma3061d ago

Will look into that when I get the time. Probably a good thing that GT is now non canon. Didn't watch many but it wasn't very good as far as I remember!
Thanks for the link!

Dabigsiebowski3061d ago

I would love to see an Original tale of the Dragon ball universe in a JRPG form.

yugioh203061d ago

Xenoverse was worse than tenkaichi serie. Skill, transforms are too bad. I don't hope xenoverse 2

JBlaze2263061d ago

I want to see an actual MMO like dragon ball online


Toonami - Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse Review

Didn’t get your DBZ fill from this weekend’s Toonami lineup? Check out Toonami’s game review of Dragon Ball XenoVerse.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Review: A New Saga - The Koalition

Gary Swaby at The Koalition writes: It’s been a while since I made a conscious decision to buy a Dragon Ball Z game. Not because I thought they were bad, but because I felt like if I’d played one, I’d pretty much played them all. I thought there was only so much they could do to spice things up, until now. From the jump, the whole idea of Dragon Ball Xenoverse stood out to me. Create your own warrior and work with Trunks and the Time Patrollers to restore the timeline of key moments in the Dragon Ball Z series. This concept presented a pretty ambitious challenge for developer Dimps.

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rbailey3312d ago

I keep hearing alot about this game and most of the time it comes from people who aren't even fans of the series lol I'll definitely check this out soon.

Profexxion3312d ago

Definitely snatching this game up. I'm going against the grain and creating a human though lol.

Venomousfatman3312d ago

I've really gotten away from the more recent DBZ games, haven't really been a fan of their approach to the fighting. I would rather them return to a Bodokai-esque type of style.