3 Reasons Why MGS V: Phantom Pain Will be Best in the Series

Naked Snake returned most recently in ‘Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes’ and set to feature again in ‘MGS V: The Phantom Pain’ this September. While ‘Ground Zeroes’ was a blast to play with, it was relatively short but made us beg for more. Having said that, we give you three strong reasons why ‘Phantom Pain’ will be the best of the franchise.

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saadd202758d ago

loved mgs 5 ground zeroes..cant wait for phantom pain!

Bansai2758d ago

It'll be tough to beat MGS3 in my book, but hey, I'll keep an open mind, loved what I saw in Ground Zeroes.

umair_s512758d ago

I have a feeling it will surpass MGS3

mikeslemonade2757d ago

This is how I rank the series so far: 3, 2, 1, 4. I think 5 will end up after 1 based on what I played in ground zeros. I predict it will be 3, 2, 1, 5, 4.

ArchangelMike2758d ago

I thought I was strange, cos I really enjoy Ground Zeroes. All my mates didn't get it lol. It helped that I had literally just finished Peace Walker when GS dropped. But yeah I'm going to really love MGSV.

KyRo2757d ago

I hope it will be the best but the whole open world has me concerned. Maybe I'm just used to the linearity of the previous games. I'm one of the few people who'd pick a linear game over a open world one.

leahcim2758d ago

I dont think so, but I am not telling that this game will not be amazing.

I really doubt that surpasses the original MGS, that one is among the best games of all times. If not the best.

Edito2758d ago

Metal Gear Solid 1 is the game that made Kojima what he is today and it's a legend that shouldn't be on the comparisons lol it's a spiritual legend... not even kojima can surpass MGS 1...

ArchangelMike2758d ago

I don't know... MGS3 did a pretty good job, and then there's MGS4 - not to mention Peace Walker. Maybe I'm just a super fan, but Kojima has been pretty consistent when it comes to the quality of the MGS games. I'm sure in terms of gameplay MGSV will be up there.

But yeah I agree that Metal Gear Solid is an undisputed classic :)

etownone2758d ago

It's almost weird how this game isn't getting even a 10th of the hype as PS3s exclusive MGS4.

And it's pretty obvious why it's a not.

SaveFerris2758d ago

Um, it isn't obvious to me. Can you please explain?

AudioEppa2758d ago

The series is most recognized as a PlayStation title and a lot more people then not, believe that this next game will not maximize the true potential of the PS4 hardware and as well feel like this new game is trying to appeal an American audience by releasing on XboxOne and PC.

Basically labeling the publisher and developer as sellouts for more money instead of making the best game they could make for Sony.

We all have to wait and see what the end result is like for this game..

Am i hyped? to be honest, not really. I have mixed feelings about how this game has been developed for same reasons as above and for other reasons too. But as someone who has loved mgs from PSX to PS3 I will be there day 1 playing it.

Gohadouken2758d ago

Except no one even cares about that in the real mainstream world . Even the most Sony obsessed fanboys got over it with how gorgeous the game looks , and are taking a victory in the fact it will be 1080p/60fps while 720p on XB1 ...

We havent noticed any less hype and coveage than for most mgs games , other than the fact that MGS4 took so long to release that it was covered much longer

etownone2758d ago

Maybe you weren't around n4g with the release of MGS4 on ps3... But the hype and anticipation for it was insane.

But... Since mgs5 went the multiplat route... Fanboys don't have nothing to rant about.

Gohadouken2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Meh ... The hype is still there for MGSV and always have been . There hasnt been a day where every news , tidbits , screens , tweet , teasers , trailers announcement , E3 reveals , hasnt been analyzed , obsessed over , criticized , bashed , praised ...

Ground zeroes fricking created months spanning debats about it being a demo or not , its pricing , or what's a proper length for a game ...

And before that we had at least one or two solid years of people going crazy over FOX engine and any pics .

Not to mention people still being insane of the lack of David Hayter voices , and the choice of Sutherland .

So yeah MGS4 had more coverage being the lead exclusive/graphical display for a while , and since it took forever to release , but some of you arent really honest there .

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guyman2758d ago

This game is receiving a lot of hype. Your desperate cry for attention is worthless.

ArchangelMike2758d ago

The hype train tends to pick up speed closer to release, come July and August the hype train will be running at full speed for this game, especially as there are no significant gamed being release in July and August.

Gatsu2756d ago

Have you lived under a rock? The hype for TPP has been insane all over the net since 2012.

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ritsuka6662758d ago

Better than MGS 3? I doubt it...

Tdmd2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Why? Both are made by Kojima and he's dream team. Has their skills decreased over time? They were capable of improve their own game and astonish everyone back then and I think they can do so again. MGS3 is by far my favorite in the series. Is it hard to surpass? Most certainly. Impossible? The devs are the same and their tech is on another level, so I really don't think so.

AudioEppa2758d ago

I can only answer that question after I'm done with the campaign.

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