Lords of the Fallen: Ancient Labyrinth (DLC) | Digital Chumps Review

Back in November, I reviewed Lords of the Fallen (LOTF) on PS4 and enjoyed it. I actually took the game up on PC not long after that review as I finished building a new gaming rig -- and my goodness did the game look great, by the way. But, I was one of many who had some serious bugs to contend with, so I let things simmer, waiting for patches.

Several patches later, including one earlier this month, I decided to pick it up again and restart my campaign. I went the Warrior route with a heavy emphasis on Faith. After about eighteen hours in, I just defeated Beast, and it's at this point that the new DLC, Ancient Labyrinth, becomes available. The reason for having players "wait" until beating Beast, I suspect, is because Ancient Labyrinth provides a stout challenge thanks to new enemies and a hellaciously difficult new Rhogar Lord known as The Keeper.

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