Sony to Host Pal Specific Briefing at E3, got Questions?

ButtonMasher will be attending a Pal specific briefing with David Reeves the President of SCEE. They are inviting questions which will be asked to David Reeves after the event.

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decapitator3962d ago

Yes, when is LBP release date ? kthxbai.

niall773962d ago

Dear Mr Reeves

Since you are the Head of SCEE I ask you on behalf of Playstation3 owners all over Europe.. WHAT THE HELL.

thor3962d ago

Rephrase your question politely, maybe then he will listen? Nah...

TheColbertinator3962d ago

Who the hell are you?Where's Kaz?

Silogon3962d ago

Maybe they will address the terrible treatment of that territory. Maybe they'll address why Europe has bought more Ps3's than any continent and in shorter time and yet they still get shafted week in and week out on store updates and game delays.

Sony should then brief the U.S. on when we're going to see PS1 games in our PSN store updates and maybe after that they can tell us why they're going to announce content specific game developers for regions, furthering our segregation from other ps3 users.

Wait and see, guys. It's coming. The reason will be costly development across the board.

TheColbertinator3962d ago

Hahahahaha Silogon is a funny fella