The Memory of Eldurim - "Skyrim meets Dark Souls" Open-world RPG Powered by CRYENGINE

At GDC 2015, Liminal Games showed their open world RPG to hundreds of fans and press members with CryTek. Liminal Games described their title, “The Memory of Eldurim,” as Skyrim meets Dark Souls, and below you can view the first screenshots from it.

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GokuSolosAll2758d ago

"Skyrim?" I'm listening. Not crazy about Souls series but meh.

theshredded2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

hope it has the gameplay of dark souls because anything western is inferior

2758d ago
_neigy_2757d ago

You need to keep in mind that it is in a Early Access Alpha state at the moment.

I've been able to play it, and although it can't stack up against Dark Souls or Skryim quite yet, I honestly am surprised at the depth of mechanics the game already offers.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this one gain traction.

asadachi2758d ago

Well one requires skill to overcome challenges and gives you an amazing sense of accomplishment. The other is Skyrim.

Brazz2758d ago

i hope they are going for Darksouls gameplay and very deep lore (that you need to create theorys and pay close attention) and Skyrim Storytelling and Open world.

_neigy_2757d ago

So far you can parry, the armor you have on affects your stamina and mana regen if I'm not mistaken, you skill with different weapons scales as you use said weapon. In order to manage your mana, you can't just spam all day your mana or you will poison your blood with the powers of a Cristal shard that enables you to use that spell.

It honestly feels better to play each update they release!

MonkeyOne2758d ago

3 developers?

If Liminal Games can make anything close to Skyrim or Dark Souls with 3 developers then Bethesda has a lot of layoffs to do.

die_fiend2758d ago

Yeah, this isn't gonna come close to either of those games with only 3 people working on it!

Obz2758d ago

I meant to dislike this.

ChronoJoe2758d ago

Individuals have made mods for Skyrim better than Bethesda's own content, so why couldn't a whole game be made by a similar team? Looks like they have a lot of their assets already so provided the game has engaging quest trees and a decent sized world, it might be entertaining at the very least.

_neigy_2757d ago

Exactly. Also, this game will eventually support modding. So even if the game is "generic" or whatever, you'll be afforded to tweak it to your hearts desire :D

I don't care what anyone says, for 3 devs this game shows off their talent! I've enjoyed playing it thus far, and am looking forward to their upcoming updates which will add a large balancing update and nearly double the explorable area on the starter island.